Madison Whyte A Freshman's Name To Remember

Heritage - Newport News - freshman, Madison Whyte is a name you should definitely remember. Though she is just a 9th grader, she already ranks 13th all-time in VA in the 300m dash and has broken 39 seconds indoors twice. Her current season best time is 38.85. 

Madison is not just someone who popped up overnight though, she has been running some impressive times for years. Just last year she posted bests of 12.59/23.90(w)/54.67 in the 100/200/400 meter dashes. She ran those times as an 8th grader!

This young star not only has a ton of speed but also a lot of potential. It is easy to see it when you see her run. She is probably close to 5'10" tall and has a strong stride. She reminds you of Athing Mu or Kayla Davis as a freshman by her stride's length and speed over the 300/400 meter distance. 

With such a tall build the questions will loom whether she is a 55-400 girl or a 300-800 girl. We have yet to see her run anything longer than 400 yet but could later this season in a 500m. She does however have a season best of 7.27 in the 55m dash. That time ranks her 5th in nation amongst 9th graders. 

We can speculate a lot about what event(s) she could compete in and honestly it will be excited to see her run or jump in any event this year. All speculation aside though, she is an athlete you need to remember. Her 38.9 this weekend at Bulldog had a very slow start but was even paced. If she gets out of the blocks and attacks the race sooner you could seriously see a low 38's from this freshman, this year!