Its Time For A Big Meet At The New Boo

The renovation is close to done and so is the indoor season. There is still one big weekend ahead though and in that weekend we are going to have one mega meet at Boo Williams, the first of the season since its resurfacing. 


Normally there are a few big meets at Boo Williams annually, especially in December. In fact, one of the normal three largest meets in the state is the Real Deal Track Classic. This year though due to construction issues the facility did not open until January and so far has only had one invitational all season. 

This weekend though with the Suffolk Stars meet in town things are going to change fast. There are over 70 signed up and by size this could challenge the Bulldog Invitational as the second largest meet of the year. 

Not only is it big, it is stacked with talent as well. There will be a lot of athletes finally getting to run indoors that haven't been able to yet in the 757 but there will also be athletes from all over the state and region to chase regional and state qualifying marks. 

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