10 Very Bold State Meet Predictions

10. Trevor Thomas Will Clear 6-10 In The High Jump

Colonial Forge's Trevor Thomas doesn't even lead the state right now in the high jump but after this weekend we predict he very well could be. He cleared 6-6 at regionals and owns a personal best of 6-8 in the high jump but after he cleared 6-6 by nearly five inches at regionals it became obvious he has more in the tank. 

Trevor has finished with all-state honors multiple times but really wants to win his first state title. That means he will be very focused as the state meet. That doesn't directly affect clearing 6-10 but what it does do is make him cognizant of the earlier heights. You can expect him to clear 6, 6-2, 6-4, and 6-6 on high first attempts. That will be crucial both for getting up to 6-10 and winning the state title. 

If he is able to clear those opening heights quickly do not be surprised if he is sailing over 6-10 on Friday.