Multi-Sport Star: Soccer Standout Michael Meese

Jamestown's Michael Meese is not only a regional champion in track but also one of the best soccer players in the entire nation. The Jamestown senior was 4th in two events at Class 4 states indoors despite fighting off an injury all winter season. He was untouchable on the pitch though. It is there that he holds all the records and for Jamestown that includes most goals in a game, season, and career. 

Michael Meese's Athlete Profile

Michael also made the USA Today All-American team for soccer. 

It is fairly common to see great track/XC runners playing soccer as well but it is honestly pretty rare that an elite soccer player also runs track. Especially one that is a 55/300 meter sprinter. 

Call Meese the exception to the rule then because he is the star of his soccer team and star of his track team as well. He is a great example as well of how you can run track and play soccer at an elite level and most importantly he is a great example of what a great multi-sport athlete looks like.