Here's Why You Should Vote For Britton Wilson

We are down to the final two in our five week long quest to name the greatest Virginia track & field athlete of all-time. One of these finalists is 2019 Mills Godwin alum, Britton Wilson. Here we make the case for why she deserves to be named the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-Time). 

Britton Wilson's Athlete Profile 

Britton Wilson, is hands down one of the greatest sprinter/hurdlers to ever compete in Virginia. She has run the 500 faster than Olympian Francena McCorory did in high school and also is the last VA athlete since 2010 to win a national title in a sprint or hurdle race outdoors. She is also just the sixth all-time to do that. 

Britton owns the Virginia state record for the 500m indoors and 400m outdoors. She also ranks second all-time in Virginia for the 300m indoors, 400m outdoors, 300m hurdles outdoors and ranks inside the top 10 all-time in the 200 and 400m hurdles too. 


Britton interestingly enough began her career mainly as a 400m specialist. It was there that she blossomed into a big time star. She would make a quick rise to stardom though as she, only as a sophomore, would run a national class record indoors in the 400 and finish as one of the top quarter-milers in the nation against Sydney McLaughlin. Her indoors time from her sophomore year ranks second all-time indoors for VA. 

She ultimately would also set the Virginia state class records for the 400m outdoors as well running 54.30 as a freshman, 53.63 as a sophomore, and ultimately 52.06 as a senior. Those three times are VA state class records and her 52.06 is the overall state record.

Her times were historically great from the start. Her freshman time ranked #11 all-time, and important here, was as fast as Brandee' Johnson's high school PR in that event. Her sophomore time would move her up to 5th all-time in the state and then by her senior year she held the crown as the best quarter-miler from VA ever. 

Britton wasn't done with just specializing in the 300-500. By her sophomore year she began hurdling and from 2017-2019 she raced a total eight hurdle races in VA and won every single one. She ultimately won the New Balance National title and USATF U20 National title in the 400m Hurdles in 2019. She went on to represent team USA and finish 5th at Pan-Am's. 

Britton also tallied up some impressive wins over the years. She won a staggering 10 individual state titles, one national title, one national runner-up finish, and is still the only VA athlete to successfully defend a title at the VA Showcase (300m dash). 

Britton needs your vote! Vote for this 804 star until Sunday April 26th at 5:30pm EST.