VHSL Clarifies Governor's Order, Does Not Eliminate Sports!

Everyone in the state of Virginia has been asking many questions as to what Governor Northam's newest orders mean and how everything changed so quickly. Here is the current ordinance and how it effects indoor track and the completion of cross country. 

Updated Order 11/13/20:

The total number of attendees (including both participants and spectators) cannot exceed the lesser of 30% of the lowest occupancy load on the certificate of occupancy, if applicable, or 250 persons.

Though the limit statewide for gathering is 25, instead of 250. In the section marked sports venues (section 12), the paragraph above shows that sports venues are not included. 

The VHSL ascertained the same and posted about their discussions with the governor's office and stated something very similar but said they would be limited to 25 spectators under this ordinance. 

Track meets planned right now are all club sanctioned and so far, all the meets at Virginia Beach Sports Center are still on as planned. We recommend directing questions to those meets and other meets to the meet directors as MileStat does not host any indoor meets and cannot speak with multiple organizations and states when meets are across our borders.