VHSL State Cross Country Championships Information

IMPORTANT: Course availability on Friday will depend upon the conditions of the course and the amount of rainfall at The Plains. A decision will be made on Friday morning.

Time Schedule

10:00 a.m. Coaches Meeting (Group A)

10:30 a.m. Group A Girls Race

11:15 a.m. Group A Boys Race

11:15 a.m. Coaches Meeting (Group AA)

11:45 a.m. Group AA Girls Race

12:30 p.m. Group AA Boys Race

12:30 p.m. Coaches Meeting (Group AAA)

1:00 p.m. Group AAA Girls Race

1:45 p.m. Group AAA Boys Race

2:15 p.m. Awards Ceremony


a) Parking: Please refer to the Coaches information sheet for instructions. Also please inform your parents that the individuals helping with parking are volunteers, and treat them with some respect.

b) Tents: Must be erected behind the house. No tents are allowed on the hill.

c) Course availability: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Friday, November 13 only. In the case of severe weather the course may be closed on Friday and will remain closed until Saturday, November 14.

d) Please remind athletes to go all the way through the holding area and place the chip in the approriate bin.

e) Competitors Numbers/Chip: Please make sure athletes have the correct competitors number on at the start of the race and correct chips. The chip number will correspond with the big number.

f) Results will be available for your race only. A complete set of results for all divisions will be available on www.milestat.com

g) Coaches meeting: see time schedule

h) Packets available: Saturday only.

i) Ticket Price: $8.00


RULES AND SCORING: Cross Country section of the National Federation Edition of the Track & Field Rule Book (2008-2009) Scoring (Rule 9-Section 2). Coaches will not be permitted in the finish line area or chip return area.

NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED ON THE COURSE, MOST OF THE COURSE IS VISIBLE FROM VIEWING AREA, BUT BINOCULARS ARE HELPFUL. Violation of this rule will prompt disqualification of a school's participants. Coaches shall inform their athletes to turn in their chip before exiting the finish line area.

CHIP TIMING: We will be using Run High for chip timing and scoring the meet. Finish Lynx Camers will be set up at the finish line. There will also be a finish line judge to call close finishes.

UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT: Participants are required to wear a school issued uniform top and bottom. Participants must attach their bib number to the front of their uniform. The VHSL will provide bib numbers for each participant. Running shoes or spikes must be worn during the competition. Participants may were one wristwatch. Participants may not wear LIVESTRONG bracelets or other jewelry. No earrings allowed to be worn during the competition. No hats or bandannas. Sweat bands are permitted.

ENTRY: Regional directors need to follow the directions provided for hy-tek entries and also e-mail the Region Directors report (typed) to the VHSL, Dave Davis, and Derek Farrey. The meet directors should collect state entry forms from each school that qualifies or has individuals that qualify for the state meet.

TEAM PACKETS: Available the day of the meet only. Packets may be picked up at the pavilion. Packets will include a course map, bib number, Hy-tek entry sheet, race chips to be attached to both shoes, a time schedule, and coach's meeting agenda.

EXPENSES: All expenses for travels, meals, and lodging must be provided by the competing school.

LODGING: Each coach is responsible for making his own hotel reservations. A list of hotels and motels in the Warrenton-Manassas area are enclosed.

TENTS: Must be erected behind the house. No tents are allowed on the hill.

DRESSING AREA: There will be no dressing area provided. Portable restrooms will be provided.

AWARDS: Team and individual awards will be presented at the Pavilion. Athletes and coaches should listen for a P.A. announcement as to the exact time awards will be presented.

SCHOOL AND INDIVIDUAL QUALIFYING LIMITS: The A, AA and AAA Boys and Girls shall be limited to the top four teams from each region and the top 15 individuals from each regional meet.

STATE CROSS COUNTRY T-SHIRTS & SWEATSHIRTS: T-Shirts (crew neck, short, & long sleeve) and sweatshirts will be available in a variety of styles. Martin Screen Print will be there on Friday and Saturday.

From the east or west - take I-66 to Exit 31 (Rt. 245-2miles)
From south - take US Rt. 17 or US Rt. 29 North to Warrenton, continue north on US Rt. 17, approx. 8 miles. Great Meadow will be on the right.


Coaches Information: Virginia State Cross Country Championships

Parking: READ FOR CHANGES - The Main Gate to Great Meadow is for Officials only.
ALL Parking: use Gate 2 (this is the last gate you will get to coming from I-66 or the first gate coming from Rt. 17). Bus Parking for the State Championship may be off site (approximately 4 miles from Great Meadow). We will provide on site parking for coaches that have to drive the bus.

Do not use the main gate - Parkers will direct Team Buses to the designated area. Please have the bus turn off the egines while parked.

Spectator Parking: Please have parents and friends use Gate 2. parkers will direct all spectators to the appropriate parking area.

Admission: $8.00

Numbers: Both boys and girls are in the same packet. Please make sure the athletes get the correct number. Also, athletes must have their numbers on at the beginning of the race.

Chips: Chips will match the big number. Two chips are to be worn (on on each foot). All chips must be returned at the end of the race. Bins will be placed in the athlete holding area. Individual schools will be responsible for lost chips.

Jewelry: The only jewelry permitted will be medical (taped to the outside of the singlet) and religious (taped under the singlet) medallions. One watch may be worn.

Hats: Cannot wear hats or bandannas at any time during the race. Sweat bands are permissible.

Chute: Please advise all athletes to get through the chute as quickly as possible. Workers will be advised to help get the athletes through as quickly as possible. Athletes are to get through the chute to the holding area as quickly as possible. Any athlete swinging, cursing, or verbally abusing any workers will be disqualified.

Parents: We appreciate the support, but please advise them about the rules of sportsmanship. Please advise your parents to be positive and that any verbal abuse directed toward meet officials may result in team disqualification.

Awards: Will be presented at the conclusion of each Division Championship.

Results: Will be available in the Steward Stand after Team awards (your race only). Results will also be available on www.milestat.com

Clean-up: Please help keep Great Meadow clean. Trash bags are available at the Steward Stand. Please keep your team and bus area clean.

Tents: Must be erected behind the house. No tents are allowed on the hill.

Any vandalism or theft of meet property or Great Meadow property will result in an automatic disqualification, repofiled with the VHSL, and prosecution.