After 80 Seasons, Chantilly Coach Calls It A Career

As we close out the XC season a new season starts for most of the coaches in the state. Normally that would be the case for Dr. Matt Gilchrist but after 27 years and 80 seasons of coaching he has decided to call it a career. 

In that time frame he has coached national champions and state champions. His teams have set national records, won state team titles, and competed highly when others counted them out. After all those years, still today many of those student-athletes will look back with happiness remembering their time as a Chantilly Charger. 

This past weekend he helped coach the Chantilly boys to a third place finish in the Class 6 team title hunt. 

Aside from his many coaching accolades, Coach Gilchrist has always been amazing to work with. Whether it is coaching, working in the media, or hosting a meet one of the most important values we see in a person is someone who can tell you how it is. Coach Gilchrist has always been that person. He gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly. To put it simpler, he is refreshingly upfront and honest while also being deeply empathic. 

On top of that he and his teams have always carried themselves with respect and have been humble even when dominating the entire state. 

To put it in terms that would resonate with his fandom of the San Antonio Spurs... he has coached his teams to carry themselves like Tim Duncan and he has dealt with the media like he is Greg Popavich. 

To some you might be Dr. Gilchrist and to others you might simply be Matt. To our community, you will always be Coach. Enjoy retirement and we hope to see you around.