How To See District, Regional, & State Rankings On MileStat

MileStat has tons of features and one of the biggest features is our rankings. Not only for Virginia but the entire nation! Navigating these rankings can be daunting so we are here to help. Here is a how-to guide for navigating different rankings features on MileStat. 

Step 1: Go to the homepage. 

Step 2: Click Rankings and "Outdoor Lists" or double click rankings. 

--> That will get you here on the rankings page. This is just the boys state leaderboard. From here you can select different events or switch over to girls. 

Step 3: Under "league" drop down on the rankings page, you can select different leagues. This includes "Classes", "Regions", "Conferences", and "Districts". 

Summary: You can start on the leaderboard and see you district or regional leaderboard or you can select just one event and then view it by region or district. There are so many options to choose from. We highly recommend just clicking around and learning the directions that best fit your way of looking at the results and rankings.