Way Too Early Rankings: Top 15 Track & Field Boys

Here are the top athletes across all events and where we see them ranking next year.

15. Micah Hinton (Western Branch)

14. Jaden Ferguson (Woodberry Forest)

13. Nayan Kasperowski (South County)

12. Marquis White (Heritage)

11. Quinn Parrish (James River)

10. Harry Economon (Robinson)

9. Jeremiah Palacious (Woodside)

8. Reece Rhodes (Lancaster)

7. Ty'Heak Buie (Potomac Senior)

6. Antonio Smith (Western Branch)

5. Berkley Nance (Mills Godwin)

4. Bazil Mathes (Monticello)

3. Victor Olesen (St. Chris)

2. Alvin Jones (Oscar Smith)

1. Peyton Lewis (Salem)