Paul Short Invitational Photo Gallery - College Races

Lehigh University Athletic Facility -- site of the annual Paul Short Run, an annual collegiate premier meet The Mens College Invitaional Race is underway. Coming up the hill at the one mile point is a massive wave. On the far right is Liberty freshman Josh McDougal.
CNU freshman Jay Wyss flashes by the one mile point. Crossing the 4 mile bridge are the leaders, Josh McDougal on the right and Widener sophomore Macharia Yuot on the left. The next pack crosses the 4 mile bridge with Princeton's Austin Smith and Georgetown's Fleet Hower in the center.
William & Mary sophomore David Murphy. William & Mary sophomore Sean Anastasia-Murphy (1321) and freshman David Mock (1231). CNU freshman Jay Wyss is sandwiched by a couple of Jack Daniels' Cortland runners.
CNU sophomore Tim Scott. CNU sophomores David Barham and Cary Chaffee. CNU senior Jim Highsmith.
Josh McDougal streaks to the finish with a winning time of 23:43.53. CNU's Tim Scott follows VCU sophomore Adam Canning to the finish. The college women are lined up.
The collegiate women are off. William & Mary sophomore Meghan Bishop on the left. William & Mary junior Kristyn Shiring in the center.
Taking first is Auburn's Angela Homan in 20:27.39. 2nd place goes to Villanova's Marina Muncan with a time of 20:33.44. William & Mary sophomore Julia Cathcart finishes 5th with a time of 20:52.70.
Georgetown freshman Maggie Infeld (17th), William & Mary sophomore Meghan Bishop (19th) and senior Jackie Kosalowski (22nd) race to the finish. CNU junior Emily Low chases Liberty sophomore Reyna Quiroz to the finish. A closer shot of Emily Low, CNU's top finisher of the day with a time of 22:56.41.