CNU XC Season Opener 2014

Newport News, VA

Meet Information

2014 CNU XC HS Chase & Relays

August 29, 2014
4:00pm - Relay Race
4:45pm - Chase Race (~15min after conclusion of Relay Race)
5:15pm - Popsicle Party
6:00pm - College races begin

Entry Information
Deadline: Tue., Aug. 25, 7pm
Cost: $50 per school, per gender for unlimited entrants into both races; please make checks payable to CNU Cross Country
Procedure: E-mail athlete names, gender, and Chase Race Group (see race format below) to: by the entry deadline

Course Info - Lee Hall Mansion, Newport News, VA (course pictures included in this packet)
The course at Lee Hall Mansion is 100% grass and dirt. Spikes are allowed. Spots on course may become soft under heavy rains. Start straight is over 400m long and finish straight is well over 200m long. Primarily flat with slightly rolling hills.

Trainer will be on site near the finish line to provide water, ice, and first aid. Team shelters/camps area will be designated within ~200m of start line. Restrooms will be available. Do not go into Lee Hall Mansion

Race Format
Athletes are allowed to run in both races. Awards given to top girls relay team and top boys relay team, and to the individual Chase Race Champion.

Relay Race
Coaches will assemble relay teams on-site. Each school will be able to enter unlimited numbers of two-person relay teams for each gender. Girls relay teams will be sent off first, with boys relay teams being sent off three minutes later. (Coed teams will be allowed for teams with odd numbers of each gender and will be sent off first, with the female leg leading off.) Each runner will run one loop of the course (~1.5M). Runners will be responsible for knowing their relay partner. Exchange will be an honor system tag-of-the-hand.

Relay Race
Each athlete will run one loop (~1.5M). Athletes will be divided into three groups per gender: Red, White, and Blue. Runners who are #7+ on your team should be in Red, #4-6 should be White, and #1-3 should be Blue. Runners will then be sent off according to this wave pattern:
0:00 Girls Red
0:30 Girls White
1:00 Girls Blue
1:30 Boys Red
2:00 Boys White
2:30 Boys Blue