Lee Hall Mansion

Address: 163 Yorktown Rd, Newport News, VA 23603

The course at Lee Hall Mansion is 100% grass and dirt. Spikes are allowed. Spots on course may become soft under heavy rains. Start straight is over 400m long and finish straight is well over 200m long. Primarily flat with slightly rolling hills.


Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2022-09-17 2022 Captains & Eagles XC Invite - CANCELLED
2022-09-16 The CNU XC Regional Preview
2021-09-18 The CNU XC Invitational
2019-10-12 The CNU High School XC Invitational
2019-09-28 CNU's High School XC Captain Chris Invitational
2018-10-06 CNU Invitational
2018-10-06 The CNU High School XC Invitational
2017-10-07 CNU Invitational
2017-01-08 Mettle Xc
2016-11-03 TCIS XC Championships
2016-10-25 Virginia State Catholic Championship Meet
2015-10-27 Virginia State Catholic Championship Meet
2015-10-17 Christopher Newport Invitational
2015-09-29 Peninsula Catholic Scrimmage @ Lee Hall
2014-10-18 CNU Invitational
2014-09-27 CNU Settler's Invite Meet
2014-08-29 CNU XC Season Opener
2013-11-16 NCAA D3 South/Southeast Regional
2013-11-16 NCAA D3 South/Southeast Regionals
2013-10-12 Captain Chris Invitational
2013-08-30 CNU XC High School Chase & Relays-CANCELED

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The higher the number the more difficult the course statistically.

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