Conference 21 East Championships

Leesburg, VA
Hosted by Woodgrove
Timing/Results Triad Timing Systems

Meet Information

2017 Conference 21 East
Track & Field Championships
Loudoun County High School

Tuesday, 5:00 pm May 16th 3200 Boys and Girls

Wednesday, May 17th All Events except 3200

Arrival Time: 1:45 pm(no earlier please)
Meet Packets: 2:00 pm (Finish Line)
Coaches Meeting: 2:30 pm (Press Box)
Field events: 3:00 pm (Certification 2:00-2:30 In front of rest rooms)
Track events: 3:00 pm

Bruce Sheppard
work: (571) 252 2010
cell: (571) 991 8986

Trophy: boys/girls team champions
Medals: top six finishers in individual events
Medals: top two teams in relay events

Entry Guidelines:
Two per event. You may exceed the two entry limit so long as ALL athletes entered meet the conference standard in that event.
Top six (6) individuals and top two (2) relays move on to region meet.

Entries will be completed on milestat. The entry period begins on May 9, 2017.

Athletes must entered on Milestat by 11:59 pm, Sunday May 14, 2017, at which time they are CLOSED.

Entry Verification Deadline: Monday, May 15 3:00 pm

Any scratches from track events after the entry verification deadline will disqualify that athlete from that event. Reminder any athlete scratched from an event ex.100m may not be added to a relay unless already declared for that relay.

Meet officials must weigh & verify event implements.
Implement Verification/weigh-ins: Rest room area 2:00-2:30 pm
As per state limitations
All races will be finals Three jumps and three throws per athlete. With the top seven moving to the finals for three more attempts

6-lane rubber track, runways, high jump area
Only or - inch pyramid spikes are permitted
Concrete throwing circles
All teams should dress at home
Restrooms beside concession building

Admission Fee:
Conference guidelines: $6.00 for all spectators per day.
Athletes must be dressed in their school uniform to be admitted free.

Will be custom printed on site, and available in a variety of styles.

Concessions will be available.

Coaches Meeting:
Scratches only.
A field competitor may scratch without penalty.
A track competitor scratching from one event may still run other events.

Region Entries:
The Region entry forms, qualifying standards and information were sent to your schools AD.
It is the Head Coachs Responsibility to have all region information with you.
Region supplement entries will be given to the meet director at the end of meet.
I will have copies available and will sign region and state entry forms during/after the meet.

Field Events: Participants must report to the event area by second call. Absence for the third call will result in a scratch for the event.
Scratches only after the verification deadline.
All field competitors must check out with the field event judge before reporting to the bullpen for running events.
Track Events: Participants must report to the bullpen by second call. Absence for the third call will result in a scratch for the event.
Only athletes in the bullpen are permitted on the infield. All other athletes and spectators must remain outside of the fence around track area. Coaches only are permitted on the infield at any time!
Shot put and discus implements will be verified from 2:00 2:30 pm.
Three trial attempts for all field events. The top seven will advance to the finals. Finalists receive three additional attempts.
Field Events: Flight Format will be used
High Jump starting heights: TBA by games committee
Uniform Rule: Meet management will follow the uniform rule as stated in the NFHS Track & Field Rule Book. It is the responsibility of the athletes and coaches to follow the uniform rule.

Pole Vault: Per LCPS and Conference guidelines will not be contested.

Entry Information:
All track times should be entered as FAT. If time is hand-timed ADD .24 (11.6 hand-timed = 11.84 FAT)
All field event performance should be entered in feet and inches

Schedule of Events

Tuesday May 16th
5:00 pm Girls 3200 Meter Run
Boys 3200 Meter Run

Wednesday May 17th
2:00 pm Meet packets (at gate)

2:00 pm Weigh in (front of rest rooms)

2:30 pm Coaches meeting in press box

3:00 pm Girls High Jump
Boys Long Jump
Girls Long Jump
Boys Shot
Girls Discus

Followed by Boys High Jump
Boys Triple Jump
Girls Triple Jump
Girls Shot
Boys Discus

3:00 pm Running Events with rolling schedule

Girls 3200 Meter Relay (4 x 800)
Boys 3200 Meter Relay (4 x 800)
Girls 100 Meter High Hurdles
Boys 110 Meter High Hurdles
Girls 100 Meter Dash
Boys 100 Meter Dash
Girls 1600 Meter Run
Boys 1600 Meter Run
Girls 400 Meter Relay (4 x 100)
Boys 400 Meter Relay (4 x 100)
Girls 400 Meter Dsah
Boys 400 Meter Dash
Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
Girls 800 Meter Run
Boys 800 Meter Run
Girls 200 Meter Dash
Boys 200 Meter Dash
Girls 1600 Meter Relay (4 x 400)
Boys 1600 Meter Relay (4X 400)
Team Awards

2017 Conference 21 East, Region 4A West, and State 4A Standards

Girls Event Conference 21B Region 4A State 4A
100 m Dash 13.78 13.10 12.78
200 m Dash 28.81 26.84 26.00
400 m Run 1:06.16 61.30 60.35
800 m Run 2:36.82 2:25.66 2:23.54
1600 m Run 5:49.18 5:26.42 5:22.46
3200 m Run 13:01.31 11:52.76 11:42.53
100 m Hurdles 19.55 16.42 15.95
300 m Hurdles 56.11 49.27 47.31
High Jump 4-5 4-11 4-11
Pole Vault NA 8-6 8-9
Long Jump 15-1.25 16-5 16-11.5
Triple Jump 29-1.25 34-5 35-02.25
Shot Put 28-2 33-6 34-8.75
Discus 85-4 104-2 106-9
400 m Relay One Team 52.74 52.74
1600 m Relay One Team 4:16.00 4:11.54
3200 m Relay One Team 10:19.72 10:06.00

Boys Event Conference 21B Region 4A West State 4A
100 m Dash 11.93 11.33 11.30
200 m Dash 24.28 22.92 22.61
400 m Run 55.02 51.62 50.89
800m Run 2:09.20 2:01.13 2:01.13
1600m Run 4:50.98 4:34.24 4:31.60
3200 m Run 10:37.86 10:08.08 9:59.38
110 m Hurdles 18.73 15.94 15.46
300 m Hurdles 46.12 41.98 40.50
High Jump 5-6 5-10 6-0
Pole Vault NA 11-6 11-9
Long Jump 19-5 20-9 21-4
Triple Jump 39-4.75 42-10 43-10.25
Shot Put 38-5.25 46-1 47-5.75
Discus 112-3 132-7 140-1
400 m Relay One Team 44.83 43.99
1600 m Relay One Team 3:34.03 3:31.00
3200 m Relay One Team 8:29.83 8:23.24