Meet Information


$5 per entry and $5 per relay team,

Cash or Check at the meet.

Unlimited entries other than the 3200M, where we ask you do not enter anyone who can't run under 12:30 for boys or 14:30 for girls.

Registration opens 11/19 and closes at 8pm on 11/27.

VISAA teams are eligible, North Carolina teams are eligible, VHSL teams are only eligible for JV. JV is 6th-10th grade, no exceptions.


9:45am: Please do not enter a team and not show up. It is unfair to all

the athletes who will then have to compete against a heat full of empty

lanes. 9:45am is the deadline to email me and let me know if your

entered team is not coming. If you don't notify me you aren't coming by then, I will still bill you.

The meet will have Varsity and JV divisions. Varsity field events will go first with boys going first in the High Jump and the Shot Put. Girls will go first in the Pole Vault.

3:00pm Facily will be open for warmup.

3:30pm: Start of Boys Shot, Boys High Jump, Girls Pole Vault, Boys and Girls Long Jump

4:00pm: Start Running events

The running event order is as follows:

Varsity Girls 3200M

Varsity Boys 3200M

Varsity Girls 55M Hurdles

JV Girls 55M Hurdles

Varsity Boys 55M Hurdles

JV Boys 55M Hurdles

Varsity Girls 55M Dash

JV Girls 55M Dash

Varsity Boys 55M Dash

JV Boys 55M Dash

Varsity Girls 1600M

JV Girls 1600M

Varsity Boys 1600M

JV Boys 1600M

Varsity Girls 4x200M

JV Girls 4x200M

Varsity Boys 4x200M

JV Boys 4x200M

Varisty Girls 500M

JV Girls 500M

Varsity Boys 500M

JV Boys 500M

Varsity Girls 1000M

JV Girls 1000M

Varsity Boys 1000M

JV Boys 1000M

Varsity Girls 300M

JV Girls 300M

Varsity Boys 300M

JV Boys 300M

Varsity Girls 4x400M

JV Girls 4x400M

Varsity Boys 4x400M

JV Boys 4x400M

Contact Zach Lampert for password to enter meet. Title Email "NA INDOOR AT BWS #1"

Registration help: