Monroe Parker Invitational 2018

Burke Lake, VA


The Seven Biggest Headlines of The Weekend Sep 11, 2018

This weekend was quite the weekend for VA XC with roughly 2/3 of the entire state in competition. Here are our top seven headlines from the weekend on the following pages. Check them out and go to our results hub to see the compete results of the season too. 

Virginia Cross Country Mega Weekend Preview Sep 07, 2018

To preview this weekend here are previews for all four of these invitationals and some of the other meets being run as well. Expect photo and video coverage all over the state as well for this huge weekend. 

Monroe Parker Invitational Virtual Meet Sep 04, 2018

This weekend, on the historic Burke Lake 2.98 Mile course we will see 34 teams vying for the title. Amongst those teams are favorites for the 5A and 6A state titles. Check out the virtual meet rankings as well as the full lists on the following pages.