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Entry Fee: $40 per team. Here a team is defined to be girls or boys, middle school or high school. Thus to enter all four possible combinations will be $160.

$5 per athlete not on team (5 or more- is considered a team)

Payments: Check pay on day of race or mail to:

Virginia High School (attn: John Iskra)

1200 Long Crescent Drive

Bristol, VA 24201

Additional Notes: 4:00 pm Coaches Meeting

4:15 Varsity Girls (3.0 miles)

5:00 Varsity Boys (3.0 miles)

5:30 MS Open race (1.5 miles)

This will be an open invitational, but only the top 7 will be used for scoring purposes.

Awards: Medals will be given to the top 15 Varsity boys and girls and the top 10 middle school boys and girls. Trophies will be given to the top two Varsity boys and girls teams.

There will be t-shirts for sale at this event for $15 each.