Valley District Track & Field Championships 2019

Broadway, VA

Meet Information

2019 Valley District Track & Field Championships

General Information

Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Meet Site: Broadway High School Stadium

Meet Directors: Ryan Ritter (540.896.8210) Darrel Zook (540.246.4672) Bob Nachtigall (540.810.1813)

Teams: Broadway, Fort Defiance, Harrisonburg, Rockbridge County, Spotswood, Turner Ashby and Waynesboro

Admission: $5.00 per spectator. Passes accepted: VHSCA, VHSL, VIAAA and VATA

T-Shirts: T-shirts will be available for purchase at the meet.

Concessions: Concessions will be available.

Spectators: No spectators allowed on the infield. Track events, and long and triple jump can be viewed from both bleachers. Pole vault, shot put and discus can be viewed from those event areas.

Parking: Busses unload in the stadium area and park in the west parking lot by the baseball field and tennis courts. Spectator parking available at the stadium lot and the west parking lot.

Timing: Raintree Timing will provide FAT timing. Results will be posted on the windows of the press box in a timely fashion. Results will also be posted to Milestat following the meet.

Team Tents: We ask that teams set up their tents in the grass area at the head of the last turn by the visitors bleachers. We would like to keep the home bleachers free for spectators.

Coaches Meeting: Will take place in the bull pen at 4:30.

Bull Pen: Will be located at the south end of the track near the high jump apron. Please use the south gate and do not jump the fence. Athletes caught jumping the fence will be issued one warning, followed by disqualification from the meet. Instructions and hip numbers will be given by the bull pen clerks.

Scoring: 10-8-6-4-2-1 will be used for both relays and individual events.

Starting Heights: Will be determined based upon entries and announced via email after entries are complete.

Equipment: Each team is responsible for providing its own equipment. Starting blocks will be provided by Broadway High School.

Warm-Ups: Warm-ups are allowed on the infield immediately before the event only. Any athlete not warming-up or competing must stay out of the infield. The infield is for competing athletes only.

Spikes: We request that only pyramid spikes of length or less be used on runways and track surface.

Relay cards: Each relay team will be required to submit a relay card to the clerks by second call.

Trainer: A certified athletic trainer will be available on-site. Water stations will be available to athletes at various points around the facility.

Declaration Rule: A reminder that scratching an athlete from an event does not affect any remaining events in which they are already entered. However, once an athlete is declared in three individual running events, they may not scratch one to enter a relay.

Uniform Rules: VHSL rules for uniforms will be followed.

Jury of Appeals: Members will be announced during the coaches meeting. Appeals forms will be in your packet.

Protests: Protests are to be addressed to the meet referee.

Field Events: Long jump, triple jump, shot put and discus will be a trials/finals format. Three attempts in trials followed by three more in the finals for a total of six. The top seven athletes after the trials round will advance to the finals.

Running Events: Timed finals in all races including hurdles and sprints.

Meet Help: We are not requesting that schools provide any meet help. If you are available to move and set hurdles, help would be appreciated.

Advancement and Team Scoring: The top six athletes from each individual event will advance to the Region 3C meet. The top six from each event is exclusive of HHS, meaning the top individuals not including the HHS athletes will advance. However HHS will count toward the team scores and are eligible for a district championship.

Entry Information

Entries will be submitted through Milestat. They are due Saturday, May 11th, at midnight. Following the posting of the performance list, no changes may be made, only scratches.

Individual Entries

Individual entries are limited to three athletes per school.

A school may enter more than three athletes in an individual event providing all athletes have met the district standard.

Entries must be verifiable through Milestat. If an entry cant be verified through Milestat, the coach must submit a verification form that includes the athletes name, performance, date of the meet, name of the meet with a signature from the meet director.

All times must be submitted in FAT format. Hand held times must be converted.

Relay Teams

Each school is allowed one relay per event. Please ensure that any athlete you may want to use in a specific relay is entered in that relay on Milestat or entered in another event. We would like to have all athletes entered in the computer before the meet.