Central Virginia Middle School Invitational 2019

Rustburg, VA
Hosted by Rustburg
Timing/Results Blue Ridge Timing

Athlete Entries

Middle School Boys 2.1 Mile Run 136 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Laneve, Jake Jefferson Forest
Bell, James Amherst County
Freyre, David Sandusky Middle School
Feinman, Max James River Day School
Hooper, Billy Linkhorne Middle School
Claiborne, Connor Linkhorne Middle School
Love, JJ Liberty Christian Academy
Stanley, Sam Brookville High School
Lamar, Dylan Dunbar Middle School
Conroy, Keanan Appomattox County Middle School
Gallagher, Mason Linkhorne Middle School
Jackson, Zach Amherst County
Barbato, Gabe Sandusky Middle School
Gagen, Colin Linkhorne Middle School
Austin, Noah Brookville High School
Gould, Nicholas Dunbar Middle School
Guanzon, Apollo James River Day School
Hale, Gideon Appomattox County Middle School
Barnett, Drew Linkhorne Middle School
Mowry, Bennett Liberty Christian Academy
Cramer, Elijah Dunbar Middle School
McPhatter, Preston Amherst County
Dwyer, Leeland Sandusky Middle School
Turnbow, Tyler Linkhorne Middle School
Kim, Sean Dunbar Middle School
Lesko, Jimmy James River Day School
Overbey, Randall Altavista Combined School
Shapard, Logan Appomattox County Middle School
Dendy, Aaron Linkhorne Middle School
Snyder, Lucas Dunbar Middle School
Bryant, Emerson Amherst County
Ufema, Isiah Sandusky Middle School
Ownby, Cannon Linkhorne Middle School
Howard, Campbell James River Day School
Fonseca, Keegan Altavista Combined School
Myers, Tobbie Rustburg Middle School
Allen, Tyler Sandusky Middle School
Mitchell, Jacob Linkhorne Middle School
Cartwright, Ethan Liberty Christian Academy
Mason, Macajah Dunbar Middle School
Burchette, Andrew Amherst County
Fenton, Thomas James River Day School
Stevens, Shane Altavista Combined School
St Claire, Bryce Linkhorne Middle School
Irby, Caiden Rustburg Middle School
Flint, Tyler Linkhorne Middle School
Soistmann, Owen Liberty Christian Academy
Houck, Holden Dunbar Middle School
Reza, Sabiq Linkhorne Middle School
Gubay, Million Linkhorne Middle School
Hughes, Reece Jefferson Forest
Southall, Ben Jefferson Forest
Hellewell, Will James River Day School
Stone, Joe Linkhorne Middle School
Osborne, Brennan Liberty Christian Academy
Ring, Kendrick Brookville High School
Campbell, Cooper Dunbar Middle School
Sexton, Cameron Jefferson Forest
Gaylor, Luke Jefferson Forest
Wall, Bryce Amherst County
Mahland, Drew James River Day School
Ploch, Sebastian Linkhorne Middle School
Flint, Jake Linkhorne Middle School
McKinney, Ronan Linkhorne Middle School
Hesse, Tanner Liberty Christian Academy
McKinney, James Brookville High School
Myers-Ramirez, Orion Dunbar Middle School
Johnson, Andrew Jefferson Forest
Williams, Sam Amherst County
Hunt, Liam James River Day School
Landes, Charlie Linkhorne Middle School
Clutter, Emerson Linkhorne Middle School
Pettit, Ryan Liberty Christian Academy
Satterfield, Gavin Brookville High School
Layman, Carson Dunbar Middle School
Mareno, Matthew Appomattox County Middle School
Hazen, William Linkhorne Middle School
Dignazio, Nick Amherst County
Estrada, Jeremy Sandusky Middle School
Carey, Regan Linkhorne Middle School
Petcher, Landon Brookville High School
Hunter, Jaiden Dunbar Middle School
Coles, Andy Appomattox County Middle School
Brown, Carter Linkhorne Middle School
Murphy, JD Liberty Christian Academy
Cassise, Gavin Amherst County
Fanning, Steven Sandusky Middle School
Wing, Cooper Linkhorne Middle School
Litchford, Ryan Dunbar Middle School
Pratt, Henry James River Day School
Fulcher, Brady Appomattox County Middle School
Asbury, Walter Linkhorne Middle School
Pierce, Dominick Hawkeye Dunbar Middle School
Cassie, Brandon Amherst County
Viloria, Ivan Sandusky Middle School
White, Hudson Linkhorne Middle School
Grant, Jackson Dunbar Middle School
Milhorn, Jeremiah James River Day School
Shelton, Nick Altavista Combined School
Smith, Carter Dunbar Middle School
Davis, Cameron Amherst County
Viar, Noah Sandusky Middle School
Neps, Iago Linkhorne Middle School
Gunawardane, Cayden James River Day School
Gowen, Kaden Altavista Combined School
Hall, Demarius Rustburg Middle School
Cash, Nate Sandusky Middle School
McCain, Caleb Linkhorne Middle School
Pierce, Nathaniel Liberty Christian Academy
Mancier, John-Paul Dunbar Middle School
Wooldridge, Lucas Linkhorne Middle School
Keller, Shane Rustburg Middle School
Forehand, Nolyn James River Day School
Hergeton, Joseph Altavista Combined School
Bohn, Jason Linkhorne Middle School
Patterson, James Liberty Christian Academy
Rojas, Owen Dunbar Middle School
Quinn, Alton Linkhorne Middle School
Stone, Reed Linkhorne Middle School
Snead, Sean Jefferson Forest
Jordan, Alex Jefferson Forest
Calhoun, Grady Amherst County
Stands, Porter James River Day School
Morris, Layton Linkhorne Middle School
Griffin, Josh Liberty Christian Academy
Clay, Dakota Brookville High School
Zahabi, Noah Dunbar Middle School
Gould, Josh Jefferson Forest
Williams, Parker Amherst County
Lesko, Crawford James River Day School
Layne, Turner Linkhorne Middle School
Davidson, Russ Linkhorne Middle School
Carlile, Luke Liberty Christian Academy
Rowland, Anthony Brookville High School
Quinones-Partain, Griffin Dunbar Middle School
Matthews, Luke Linkhorne Middle School
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Middle School Girls 2.1 Mile Run 120 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stone, Mary Linkhorne Middle School
Snead, Dalyn Jefferson Forest
Pillow, Alyssa Rustburg Middle School
Dowdy, Jessica Altavista Combined School
Cantoli, Maranda Rustburg Middle School
Smith, Kaelynn Amherst County
Mahland, Avery James River Day School
Gould, Rebecca Jefferson Forest
Earsing, Jamie Rustburg Middle School
Schmidt, Sadie James River Day School
Turnbow, Cara Linkhorne Middle School
Dabrowski, Allisyn Amherst County
Gill, Blair James River Day School
Bondurant, Cassidy Jefferson Forest
O'Neill, Alayna James River Day School
Vari, Olivia Linkhorne Middle School
Wright, Ruth Brookville High School
Caprise, Mary Clare James River Day School
Crowder, Makena Liberty Christian Academy
Armock, Skye James River Day School
Ramsey, Sarah Linkhorne Middle School
Miller, Evelyn Jefferson Forest
Workman, Allie Dunbar Middle School
Fulcher, Riley Appomattox County Middle School
Stone, Madeline Linkhorne Middle School
Cook, Emily Liberty Christian Academy
Foust, Hannah Brookville High School
Davis, Reegan James River Day School
Jackson, Aubrey Jefferson Forest
Slaughter, K'Chelle Dunbar Middle School
Parker, Kalah Linkhorne Middle School
Nanny, Belle Liberty Christian Academy
Foster, Abigail Brookville High School
Howard, Maddie Sandusky Middle School
Hunt, Althea James River Day School
Allen, Caroline Jefferson Forest
Villareal, Lucy Amherst County
Rosser, Sage Rustburg Middle School
Hazen, Ella Linkhorne Middle School
Brendle, Ryan Rustburg Middle School
Anderson, Sarah Brookville High School
Judy, Emily Dunbar Middle School
Reynolds, Sarah Altavista Combined School
Taylor, Ueniqua Amherst County
Mcmonagle, Lydia Sandusky Middle School
Fenton, Frances James River Day School
Dawson, Bryce Linkhorne Middle School
Franklin, Emma Rustburg Middle School
Crosby, Lindley Dunbar Middle School
Cauldwell, Kacey Altavista Combined School
Hunter, Kaitlyn Rustburg Middle School
Presnell, Elizabeth Amherst County
Garret, Cadence Sandusky Middle School
Flippin, Kate James River Day School
Bauer, Elizabeth Linkhorne Middle School
Houlihan, Libby Jefferson Forest
Wright, Emma Rustburg Middle School
Young, Emily Dunbar Middle School
Stinette, Riley Altavista Combined School
Cawthrone, Cindy Rustburg Middle School
Nehaus, Abigail Amherst County
DeFalco, Sarina James River Day School
Dunmire, Grace Jefferson Forest
Milne, Molly Rustburg Middle School
Hicks, Evie James River Day School
Ramsey, Claire Linkhorne Middle School
Harvey, Sadie Amherst County
Green, Blake James River Day School
Plaster, Alexis Jefferson Forest
Wiggs, Addison Rustburg Middle School
Chantal, Olivia James River Day School
Fontana, Ava Gray Linkhorne Middle School
Song, Heesoo Brookville High School
Cunningham, Beyla Amherst County
Layne, Ella James River Day School
Rao, Emily Liberty Christian Academy
Hellewell, Charlotte James River Day School
Sexton, Estelle Linkhorne Middle School
Anders, Riley Jefferson Forest
Quarles, Ella Appomattox County Middle School
Milhorn, Erika James River Day School
Harvey, Michaela Linkhorne Middle School
Zamperini, Gabby Liberty Christian Academy
Ham, Jinny Brookville High School
Dalton, Leigh James River Day School
Miles, Elizabeth Linkhorne Middle School
Saleh, Jenna Jefferson Forest
Reckley, Sarah Dunbar Middle School
Martin, Madison Appomattox County Middle School
Petty, Alex Linkhorne Middle School
Leake, Addison Liberty Christian Academy
Milam, Serena Brookville High School
Sorenson, Aggie James River Day School
Henderson, Lily Jefferson Forest
Nush, Audrey Amherst County
McClosky, Anna Grace Linkhorne Middle School
Moore, Kona Liberty Christian Academy
Price, Raegan Brookville High School
Smulik, Izzie Dunbar Middle School
Lamanna, Zoie Jefferson Forest
Boyd, Ashley Amherst County
Estrada, Stephanie Sandusky Middle School
Lopez-Valentine, Eva James River Day School
Maggi, Sarah Rustburg Middle School
English, Kyra Linkhorne Middle School
McCrickard, Haven Rustburg Middle School
Hawkins, Janelle Dunbar Middle School
Moon, Alexa Altavista Combined School
Hughes, Jessie Amherst County
Heath, Clara Sandusky Middle School
Vaughan, Olivia James River Day School
Asbury, Emily Linkhorne Middle School
Smith, Kaitlin Jefferson Forest
Chambers, Lindsay Rustburg Middle School
Smulik, Allie Dunbar Middle School
Robbins, Phoebe Altavista Combined School
Fodesi, Macie Rustburg Middle School
Lilly, Layla Amherst County
Hanks, Amelia Sandusky Middle School
Waterworth, Anna James River Day School
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