2019 Liberty District CC Championship 2019

Burke Lake, VA
Hosted by Herndon
Timing/Results PMV Timing

Meet Information

Where:                        Burke Lake Park

When:                         Thursday, Oct. 24th,2019

Times:                         Girls - 3:30 / Boys - 4:00

Awards:                      Plaque and 15 patches for thewinning team (boys and girls) / Medals awarded for top 3 finishers.

Director:                     Jonathan Frohm- JMFrohm@fcps.edu 703-810-2211

Entry&Deadline:        Entries must be received NLT Sunday, October 20th,2019 by 9:00 pm.

Entries MUST be doneelectronically on Milestat. That will serve as your official entry. Anyquestions on entries, contact Mike Kiernan (mjkiernan@fcps.edu)or Jonathan Frohm (jmfrohm@fcps.edu)

Championship:            The winner of the Liberty Conference 2 Cross-Country

Meet is declared the Liberty Conference 2 Champion (Boys & Girls)

RegionalQualifying:   The top 3 teams and top 15

individuals (inclusive of qualifying teams) from each race will qualify for the

Norther Region 6D Championship Meet on Thursday, Nov. 7th @ Burke

Lake Park - Girls 3:00 / Boys 3:30

Numbers:                    All participants must wear numberson the front of their shirts. Packets may be picked up from the meet directorat the scorer's table prior to the race.

Finish:                         Ipicochips will be used / Attached to the runners shoes. 

CoachesMeeting:       Participating team coaches will meet withthe tournament director at 2:30 pm near the starting line/scorer's table.

Course:                       2.98miles with a variety of surfaces including dirt trails, grass and pavement

Awards:                      Presentationof awards will take place at the end of the boys' race and as soon as the

official meet results are available. Awards will be presented in the upper parking lot near the entrance to

Burke Lake.

Locker&Restrooms:   Therewill be no locker facilities available. Restrooms are located at the marina,

one-half mile from the starting line. Teams are responsible for clean-up oftheir own warm-up areas in the park. Everyone must stay off of the fence andoutside of the golf course area.