Northwestern District 4A Championships 2020

Winchester, VA

Meet Information

2021 Northwestern District

Cross Country Championships


161 Apple Pie Ridge Road

Winchester, VA 22602

(540) 667-5226

DATE: Saturday, April 3, 2021

LOCATION: Site of the Third Battle of Winchester (adjacent to Millbrook High School)

TIMES: 11:00 AM Girls Race

11:45 AM Boys Race

12:30 PM Awards Ceremony (may not hold due to COVID)

COACHES MEETING: 10:15 AM at the Finish Line

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Fast, meticulously measured 5,000m course on the historic Third Battle of Winchester battlefield, located adjacent to Millbrook High School's campus. The course will run on a variety of surfaces including grass, dirt, crushed stone, and some small gravel. The course consists of mostly flat land and small rolling hills. The course runs through cut grass and wide public walking paths, and a beautiful wooded first mile. Racing flats or rubber-soled XC spikes are best suited for this course. We do not recommend plastic-plate track spikes due to occasional loose gravel. Map is attached.

ARRIVAL/COURSE OPENS: Team buses may park in the back Millbrook parking lot next to the trail entrance no earlier than 9:00 AM.

AWARDS: Team champion plaque, top 15 individual medals. Awards ceremony may be adjusted for COVID-19 protocols.

DIRECTOR: Craig Woshner, CSA, James Wood High School

Office Phone: 540-545-2800, ext. 86213

Cell Phone: 540-974-4349


ENTRIES: Ten (10) entries per team. All entries due by Wednesday, March 31 at 5:00 PM.  AS OF APRIL 1: Executive Order 72 restricts races to waves of 50.  Each school will have 6 runners in wave A,  and 4 runners in wave B.

SCORING: Top 5 runners for each team, with only the top 7 impacting scoring. Runners 8-10 will NOT displace the top 7 runners from opposing teams when calculating team scores.

REGION 4C: The top two teams plus the next six individuals (excluding advancing team members) advance to the Region 4C Championships at Morven Park on April 13. Full information will be shared by host Tuscarora High School.

ADMISSION: Full details on admission will be updated based on changes to Executive Order 72 (amended 03/01/21). UPDATE: As of April 1, only three family members per family are permitted to attend.  Each school will receive an online ticket purchase code with a strict 60 tickets per school. No event day sales, no cash. Please do not bring an entire family--make arrangements for other children in advance. All spectators must wear masks when on the battlefield to protect the health of athletes, especially those advancing to region competition. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we must follow state guidelines in order to run the championship!

Admission will be charged according to Northwestern District policy. The cost of admission will be $6.00 general admission. No passes will be accepted this year to maintain the strict 500 spectator limit.

PARKING: Please forward this information to your athletes and their parents. There is no parking on the battlefield. Spectator parking will be located in the stadium parking lot at Millbrook High School. Spectators must enter Millbrook along First Woods Drive, drive between Millbrook High School and Redbud Run Elementary School, go past the tennis courts, and park in the stadium lot. No exceptions to parking. The stadium parking lot is approximately .25 mile from the trail entrance, and the trail entrance is approximately .6 mile from the battlefield . Spectators should please plan accordingly to allow appropriate time to walk to the battlefield. Map provided below.

Buses and meet personnel will park in the Millbrook bus loop behind the school.

TIMING: Ipico chip timing and results will be provided by Shenandoah Valley Runners. All chips must be returned at the conclusion of the meet or schools will be charged for missing chips.

DRESS: No dressing rooms so dress at home. Portable restrooms will be on site.

T-SHIRTS: A shirt vendor will be available on site. Please email a list of your entries to by March 29.

CONCESSIONS: There will be no concessions sales this year to minimize gathering spots.

MISCELLANEOUS: Please stress to your athletes and coaches to pick up all trash. The battlefield is hallowed ground and we try to leave it in better condition than we find it each time we use it. Garbage bags will be provided for your use.

No coaches inside the finish area.

COVID PROTOCOLS: All team members and coaches must wear masks while not actively participating in warm-ups, racing, and cooldowns. This includes walking to the start, during awards, on the way out, etc. Please abide by the guidelines. This may be updated depending on changes to E.O. 72. Runners should provide their own water. We will have emergency water only on site. This will also eliminate coaches having to haul water coolers to the middle field.

Meet results: Will be posted on Milestat. Individual results at