BRC/VIC Track Championship 2021

St George, VA

Meet Information

2021 BRC/VIC Track Championship Meet

Date: Saturday May 15th, 2021

Time: A brief coaches meeting will be held at 9:45 am. Following that the Field Events will start at 10:00 am, followed by the Track events starting at 10:30 am.

Event Location: The Blue Ridge School Track: 273 Baron Dr. St. George, Virginia 22935

Timing:  All running events will be timed with a FAT system.

Concessions: No concessions will be provided.

Spectators: Blue Ridge School will not be allowing visiting spectators for this event.  

Bus Parking: Bus will drop off the team and park in the parking lot next to the track. 

Medical Personnel: Blue Ridge's Athletic Trainer, will be on site for the whole meet.

Entries: Entries will be submitted though Milestat. All entries are final when registration closes at 12:00 noon on Friday, May 14th. There will be no additional entries accept after this time. Scratches will be accepted at the coaches meeting.

Each school will be allowed two entries per event no matter their seed mark. Additional entries will be accepted (up to 4 total per event) for student-athletes that meet the qualifying standard.**More information on that at the end of this document.

Disqualifications: Once an athlete fails to participate in a running event he/she is entered in, he/she is disqualified from competing in the remaining running events.

Questions/Concerns: Please contact Bryan Puckett by phone 434-992-0524 or by email

Events Scored

Track Events:

Field Events:

4 x 800M Relay

300M Hurdles

High Jump

Shot Put

110M High Hurdles

800M Run

Long Jump


100M Dash

200M Dash

Triple Jump


1600M Run

3200M Run



4 x 100M Relay

4 x 400M Relay



400M Dash








Meet Procedures:

High Jump- Starting height for boys will be 5'0" and the starting height for the girls will be 4'0"

Long Jump and Triple Jump- We will let each athlete have 4 jumps. The best jump of the 4 will be used for placing.

Discus and Shot Put- We will let each athlete have 4 throws. The best throw of the 4 will be used for placing.

All races will be run as finals. (No prelims)

All races will be run from slow to fast.

Races 400M and shorter will be run in lanes and races 800M and longer will be run using a waterfall start.

Depending on the number of entries in the 1600M, 3200M, and relay races, meet management may decide to combine the boys and girls races together.

Top 3 finishers will receive medals. First place will be first team all-conference, second place will be second team all-conference, and third place will be honorable mention all-conference.

Order of Events

10:00 am-Girls Discus followed by Boys Discus followed by Girls Shot Put followed by Boys Discus (Upper Field behind Field house)

-Girls Long Jump followed by Boys Long Jump followed by Girls Triple Jump followed by Boys Triple Jump (Jumping Pit near west end zone)

-Girls High Jump followed by Boys High Jump (Jumping Pad near the east end zone)

 10:30 am -4 X 800M Relay

-110M High Hurdles

-100M Dash

-1600M Run

-4 X 100M Relay

-400M Dash

-300M Intermediate Hurdles

-800M Run

-200M Dash

-3200M Run

-4 X 400M Relay

Entry Standards for Additional Entries:

BRC Standards

VIC Standards

Girl High Jump


Boy High Jump


Girl Long Jump


Boy Long Jump


Girl Triple Jump


Boy Triple Jump


Girl Shot Put


Boy Shot Put


Girl Discus


Boy Discus


Girl 100M Hurdles


Boy 110M Hurdles


Girl 100M Dash


Boy 100M Dash


Girl 200M Dash


Boy 200M Dash


Girl 300M Hurdles


Boy 300M Hurdles


Girl 400M Dash


Boy 400M Dash


Girl 800M Run


Boy 800M Run


Girl 1600M Run


Boy 1600M Run


Girl 3200M Run


Boy 3200M Run


Girl 4x100M Relay


Boy 4x100M Relay


Girl 4x400M Relay


Boy 4x400M Relay


Girl 4x800M Relay


Boy 4x800M Relay



Entry Examples:

-          School A has four potential entries for the Boys 400M Dash. One of the has a time under 1:03.4.One has a time over 1:03.4.Two do not have a time. School A may enter three total runners.  The one qualifier and two between the non-qualifier and the two without a time. School A gets three total entries.

-          School B has five potential entries for the Boys 400M Dash. Four of them have times under 1:03.4.One does not have a time. They may enter all four that qualify or any combination of three that qualify and the one with no time. School B gets four total entries.

-           School C has 4 potential entries for the Boys 400M Dash. Two of them have times over 1:03.4 and two of them do not have a time. School C can enter any two of their runners. School C only gets two total entries.

-          Milestat will except 4 entries per school. If you enter more than you should according to the guidelines, they will be manually rejected after registration closes. If you have questions, contact Bryan Puckett before submitting your entries.