2024 Cumberland District Track Meet 2024

Coeburn, VA

Meet Information

The district track meet is on Wednesday, May 8.

At this time, the plans are to have a coaches meeting at 10:00 and start field events at 10:30

4X800 will start at 11:30

Hurdles will start after the jumping events at around 12:30

Entries are 3 per event (1 team per relay)

A registration page on milestat will be set up.

You should have everything entered online as we have in the past.

Entries and times can be entered through Tuesday, May 7 at noon.

We will not add anyone or change entries on Wednesday at the coaches meeting, it will be scratches only so please make sure that your entries match who will be able to attend the meet on Wednesday.

You may list substitutions for relays but they need to be listed on milestat by the deadline of May 7 at noon.

A performance list will be available in the afternoon on Tuesday and that would allow time for coaches to view the list on milestat and make any necessary changes they need to make.

We would then seed everything after 7 on Tuesday and have it ready for the meet Wednesday afternoon.

We will have relay cards to fill out and turn in at the day of the meet for those that are actually running the relay. Again, make sure that all substitutes are listed on milestat.

I am sure that we will have some athletes in multiple events at the same time. We need to make sure that they check in at each event that they are involved with. At the coaches meeting, we will discuss the time that we will allow for them once a running event is completed to check in for field events. (this should only be a possible issue with the 4x800)

At our district meet the top 5 (not top 4) in the individual events and the top 3 relays qualify for the region 1 D meet.

The top 4 in each event at region qualify for state

Scoring will be 10-8-6-4-2-1 and relays will be 10-8-6-4-2

We hope to have a food truck here at the meet and we will have concessions.

The region entry form is attached to the email. Print this off and fill it out before you leave and you will have to fill out that region info online as well.

As always, we will need everyone to step in and volunteer to help run the field events, help at the finish line, move hurdles, judge exchange zones, and be helpful as you always are. The more help we get, the faster we will go, and the faster we can finish. Thanks for all you do and let me know about any questions or concerns.