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5 months ago pole vault not mentioned
@ronalde Yes there is pole vault starting at 9AM. starting heights will be determined once entrie...
4 years ago VA Runner Spring Invitational 2016
There was an issue with the camera in that section. The coaches were asked to provide times, or w...
5 years ago State Meet in Hampton
All of the state meets were rescheduled: >>> Mike McCall 2/25/2015 9:16 AM >>> Media Advisory ...
6 years ago 17th Annual SJHS Cross Country Invitational 2014
IF you click on View Official Results they are fine.
6 years ago VA Runner Spring Invitational 2014
It was a simple oversight and I've emailed to have them put in. Thanks for bringing it to my atte...
6 years ago Article Comment: "Poll" Is Pole Vaulting Safe? Twitter Discussion Feed Embedded
The issue here is not safety. I've had it confirmed that the issue is some areas of the state wit...
7 years ago VHSL Group 6A Conference 4 XC Championships 2013
I was just told it will be the top 4 teams and top 10 individuals
7 years ago VHSL Group 6A Conference 4 XC Championships 2013
Currently 3 teams advance, however the ADs are supposed to be voting at their next meeting about ...
7 years ago Article Comment: XC dates & locations needed for your new conference/sectional meets
Conference 4 is 10/30 @ Willowmere Park in Stafford, hosted by Stafford
7 years ago XC conference and sectional meet locations
@MileStat Conference 4 date is Oct. 31 and 6A South is November 7th
7 years ago Commonwealth District Outdoor T&F Championships 2013
According to the time schedule that was sent out last week girls run at 4:45 and boys at 5
7 years ago Northwest Region Outdoor T&F Championships 2013
It was emailed out on the 29th. Contact Dave Davis if you did not get it.
8 years ago Northwest Region XC Championships 2012
8 years ago Site Corrections/Updates Thread
Brandon Hinton from Stafford High has committed to VMI.
8 years ago Commonwealth District Championships
Only the 4x8
9 years ago AAA Indoor Standards
9 years ago Tickets For The State Championships
Yes they are selling tickets online again. Here is the link [url=
9 years ago Alan Webb Leaves OTC
He was also spotted at the George Mason Meet tonight talking with the UVA coaches.
9 years ago Article Comment: Changes in Qualifying for State Cross Country Meet passes 1st of 2 votes to make of
According to you, you do not want to penalize anyone on a "good" team but you keep complaining ab...
10 years ago Southern Maryland Mega Meet 2011
Is there any information available for this meet?
10 years ago Article Comment: 9/22 Cream of the Crop XC Rankings
Hannah Lowery is a sophomore not a junior
10 years ago What will the polevault ending up being at states this year?
Matt Hazelgren cleared 15'7 at the Commonwealth District meet tonight and narrowly missed at 16
10 years ago 5 Boys 4x800's run sub 8 at Commonwealth District
Yes they do
11 years ago Congratulations Hannah Lowery - Footlocker South
Even though she was feeling less than 100% Hannah won the freshman race with a great kick..18:30....
11 years ago Indoor State Standards
I called the office today and was told they should be out next Monday.
11 years ago Meet Comment: Stallion Stampede Cross Country Classic 2009
Hannah Lowery and Lindsi Arrington also met the National Silver Standard.
11 years ago Class of 09 College Choices
Todd Repass (Stafford) - William & Mary
11 years ago Class of 09 College Choices
Travaughn Baker-Johnson of Stafford is going to George Mason
11 years ago Dogwood moving away from UVA
I don't think it is the fact that there is a baseball game but that the game is televised. This ...