Virtual Meet: Who Will Step Up in Heather Holt's DCXC Absence?

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It is quite unfortunate that the meet record holder and three-time champion Heather Holt will be missing out on the 2017 installment of this meet. With her gone though things get very interesting in the senior girls' race. Check out the full virtual meet below.

Meet Page - 2016 Coverage 

Girls' Virtual Meet Team Scores (Full List)

1West Springfield10256213040--
2Walt Whitman High School1431518263351--
3Walter Johnson High School15128114783--
4Grafton High School16439193499--
5Thomas S. Wootton High School204737455263--
7Clarksburg High School28628294871110--
8Hempfield Area (7)33314274980163--
9Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School36943538489100--
10W.T. Woodson40455737587114--
11Leonardtown High School428387991107113--
12Northwest High School458317281123151--
13West Potomac48177859598126--
14Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart4971364109142169--
15George C. Marshall523446135167171-

Girls' Virtual Meet Top 100 Rankings (Full List)

1Page Lester12National Cathedral18:04.001
2Abigail Green12Walter Johnson High School18:41.282
3Kira Freedman11Grafton High School19:12.203
4Sophie E Tedesco10George C. Marshall19:28.004
5Sarah Coleman11West Springfield19:44.705
6Chase Kappeler11West Springfield19:44.906
7Jessica Trzeciak11Thomas S. Wootton High School19:45.307
8Janet Scott12Walter Johnson High School19:52.908
9Meredith Beaver12Grafton High School19:52.909
10Nandini Satsangi11Poolesville High School19:53.0010
11Jenna Goldberg10Walter Johnson High School19:54.9011
12Theresa Long11Saint Sebastian Academy19:55.0012
13Genevieve Dibari12Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart20:00.2213
14Laura Aston12Hempfield Area (7)20:02.1014
15Alicia Lauwers10Walt Whitman High School20:02.5015
16Yasmine Kass12Paint Branch High School20:03.7016
17Zoƫ Friedman12Lions Upper School20:04.90--
18Michaela Kirvan12Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School20:05.0017
19Paula Bathalon10Walt Whitman High School20:05.5018
20Alexa Daley11Grafton High School20:06.8019
21Morgan Merritt11Menchville20:08.0020
22Amy Herrema10West Springfield20:08.7021
23Arionne Riddick10Menchville20:09.0022
24Kayla Shelkey11Trinity Christian School20:09.0023
25Eva Smith-Perry11Washington-Lee High School20:14.0024
26Sydney Blowe12Menchville20:15.0025
27Breanna Mcdonald11Walt Whitman High School20:18.4026
28Kendra Winkleblech9Hempfield Area (7)20:19.1027
29Alyssa McCloskey12Clarksburg High School20:22.2028
30Avery Jackson10Clarksburg High School20:24.7029
31Anna Marcucci12West Springfield20:24.8030
32Helena Lee10Northwest High School20:25.7031
33Laura Webb11Woodbridge20:26.0032
34Elizabeth Sklaire10Walt Whitman High School20:27.9033
35Maya Caden11Grafton High School20:30.5034
36Kristen Bitsberger12Holton-Arms School20:31.4435
37Liliana Ramirez11Menchville20:34.0036
38Emma Henderson12Thomas S. Wootton High School20:35.0037
39Nelle Ray9Leonardtown High School20:37.6938
40Aleigh Browning11Riverbend High School20:38.0039
41Katie Orchard10West Springfield20:39.3040
42Audrey Androus12St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School20:39.4041
43Ryley Howard12Bishop O'Connell20:44.0042
44Anaiah Little-Diop12Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School20:44.5043
45Anne Akagi11Saint Sebastian Academy20:45.1044
46Alyssa D'Arpa10Thomas S. Wootton High School20:48.0045
47Natalie M Bardach11George C. Marshall20:49.0046
48Sadie Keller12Walter Johnson High School20:50.5247
49Joelle Sadd9Clarksburg High School20:51.7048
50Lily Schmadel9Hempfield Area (7)20:52.3649
51Brennan Dunne11Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School20:52.7050
52Madeleine Blaisdell10Walt Whitman High School20:52.7051
53Adna Trakic11Thomas S. Wootton High School20:53.0052
54Gabriela Jeliazkov11Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School20:53.6053
55Sophia Hanway9National Cathedral20:54.1054
56Ansley Pfeiffer12W.T. Woodson20:55.0055
57Kelsey Luther11Stonewall Jackson (Manassas)21:00.0056
58Tess Brinkmann9Bishop O'Connell21:01.0057
59Lena Cromley11T.C. Williams High School21:02.0058
60Julia Johnson11Walt Whitman High School21:03.2059
61Anya Hawkins12West Springfield21:03.6060
62Zuri Rashad12Paint Branch High School21:04.6061
63Tessa Naughton-Rockwell11T.C. Williams High School21:08.0062
64Erin Chelf11Thomas S. Wootton High School21:10.9063
65Kate Walter9Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart21:11.1964
66Anna Cestari11St. John's College High School21:13.9365
67Allison Barker9Sidwell Friends School21:14.3966
68Catherine Whitehouse11Yorktown21:15.0067
69Sydney Szabos10Thomas Jefferson S&T21:15.0068
70Kyrsten Smith11West Springfield21:16.9069
71Helen Heaton11West Springfield21:17.30--
72Kathy Pena-Molina12Col. Zadok Magruder High School21:17.4070
73JahMei Wyatt9Clarksburg High School21:18.8071
74Marissa Branham11Northwest High School21:19.2072
75Grace Eidson12W.T. Woodson21:20.0073
76Paige Hathaway12Episcopal21:22.1074
77Annie Schaefer11W.T. Woodson21:23.0075
78Rachel Mayberry10West Springfield21:24.00--
79Isabel Hogg12West Springfield21:24.80--
80Madeline Grainger11Thomas S. Wootton High School21:26.5076
81Kaycie O'Boyle12West Potomac21:27.5177
82Caroline Fairbanks10Riverbend High School21:29.0078
83Emily Imhof11Leonardtown High School21:29.6079
84Rebekah McFadden10Hempfield Area (7)21:30.8080
85Brooke Kistler10Northwest High School21:31.1081
86Logan Rohde10Poolesville High School21:33.1082
87Katherine Weaver10Walter Johnson High School21:34.0983
88Laura Koye12Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School21:35.9084
89Ruth Tesfai12McKinley Tech High School21:37.00--
90Cameron Long12West Potomac21:37.0485
91Ella Gaul9Walter Johnson High School21:37.7186
92Naylle Pando11W.T. Woodson21:38.0087
93Joy Reeves12St. Andrews Episcopal School21:38.6988
94Rosalind van der Does de Willebois10Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School21:39.0089
95Rachel Dickenson12Westfield21:41.0090
96Rachel Geiger10Leonardtown High School21:41.1091
97Haley Seaward11West Springfield21:41.90--
98Anna Baldwin10Thomas S. Wootton High School21:42.4092
99Natalie Desarbo9Holton-Arms School21:42.9093
100Teagan Jones12Saint Sebastian Academy21:43.994