The NOVA Powerhouses Are Ready For a Showdown

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Here is your Glory Days Grill Invitational virtual meet. 

Meet Page 

After a quick trip out to the Desert Twilight meet Lake Braddock Secondary has returned to Virginia as the favorites for both the boys and girls' team titles. This weekend will be their first time at the 5K distance in VA on a decently fast course. Be prepared for the rankings to shift again and some fast individual times as well. 

Virtual Meet Team Scores (Full List):

1Lake Braddock81112182426--
2Severna Park High School103416192737--
3Rock Ridge High School2156222957101--
4John Champe High School2243134404772--
5Dulaney High School2271141535864--
7Warren High (SS)2681439667178--
8Loudoun Valley2813250616870--
9J.E.B. Stuart3138307697102--

Virtual Meet Rankings (Full List):

1Edward Cerne11Lake Braddock15:13.001
2Ryan Lockett12Poolesville High School15:39.002
3Max Greczyn11Bishop O'Connell15:48.003
4Garrison Clark11Severna Park High School15:50.504
5Michael Belmaggio11Linganore High School15:55.205
6Clark Edwards12Rock Ridge High School15:56.406
7John Moxley12Flint Hill School16:04.007
8Natnael Asmelash12J.E.B. Stuart16:04.008
9Benjamin S. Smith11George C. Marshall16:06.009
10Greg Oldham12Northern-Calvert High School16:06.9410
11Brian Mccullough12Dulaney High School16:10.9411
12Andrew Delvecchio12Lake Braddock16:12.0012
13Kai Muniz12Reservoir High School16:15.1013
14Antonio Munoz11Warren High (SS)16:16.7014
15Gavin McElhennon10Gonzaga College High School16:16.8015
16Hugh O'Connor12Severna Park High School16:16.9016
17Mikyas Sahlu10Annandale16:19.0017
18Tyler Lawson12Lake Braddock16:20.0018
19Samuel Martin11Severna Park High School16:20.3019
20Owen Walker12South Lakes16:21.0020
21Andrew Nixon11Hickory High School16:21.0021
22Evan Grace11Rock Ridge High School16:21.3022
23Omar Aougab11Dominion16:21.6023
24Joshua Buontempo11Lake Braddock16:22.0024
25Sean Casey12South Lakes16:25.0025
26Jacob Howard12Lake Braddock16:25.0026
27Jonah Lane12Severna Park High School16:26.4027
28Nicolas Vandenheede11Dominion16:27.4028
29Daniel Umana11Rock Ridge High School16:28.0029
30Matthew O'Cadiz12J.E.B. Stuart16:29.0030
31William Gay10John Champe High School16:29.0031
32Kellen Hasle10Loudoun Valley16:29.7032
33Julian Dixon12Sidwell Friends School16:30.0033
34Kyle Lauffenberger10John Champe High School16:31.6034
35Timmy Bitsberger12St. Albans School16:32.0035
36Alex Loukili12South Lakes16:32.0036
37Nicholas Plummer12Severna Park High School16:32.1037
38Matthew Laskowski12St. Anselm's Abbey School16:34.0038
39Emiliano Rodriguez12Warren High (SS)16:35.5039
40Grant Faircloth10John Champe High School16:36.1040
41Matt Owens12Dulaney High School16:37.1641
42Uriel Sejas10Annandale16:37.2042
43Alexander Chaisson11Severna Park High School16:37.5843
44Nicholas Howell12James W. Robinson16:38.0044
45Sean Engelfried12Severna Park High School16:38.4245
46Justin Sriver11Patriot High School16:38.5046
47Sai Ravva11John Champe High School16:38.8047
48Paul Sepulveda11Stafford High School16:39.0048
49Tyler Amos12Chantilly16:39.0049
50Brayden Cassidy11Loudoun Valley16:39.1050
51Nathan Vandemeulebroecke11Severna Park High School16:39.30--
52Sam Pritchard10West Springfield16:40.0051
53David Giannini11Gonzaga College High School16:40.8052
54Connor Martin12Dulaney High School16:41.1653
55Harrison Helmich12Dominion16:41.6054
56Chris Weeks10West Springfield16:41.7055
57Ian Whitfield10Dominion16:42.4056
58Michael Farley12Rock Ridge High School16:42.8057
59Nick Engleman10Severna Park High School16:43.00--
60Drew Dailey11Dulaney High School16:43.1058
61Charles Groscup12Potomac Falls16:43.3059
62Kyle Guinn11Linganore High School16:43.3060
63Scotty Hill12Loudoun Valley16:43.6061
64Ethan Zimmerman11Annandale16:44.0062
65Nicholas Tolarchyk12Hickory High School16:44.0063
66Zak Audia10Dulaney High School16:44.2564
67Sam Merng11Dulaney High School16:44.4065
68Alfredo Santana11Warren High (SS)16:44.4066
69Jacob Martin11Severna Park High School16:44.98--
70Luke Miller10Dominion16:45.0067
71Eliot Petersen10Loudoun Valley16:45.1068
72Michael Speeney11Patriot High School16:46.2069
73Connor Wells11Loudoun Valley16:47.2770
74Jack Finnerin12Severna Park High School16:47.38--
75Fabian Gomez10Warren High (SS)16:47.6071
76Joey Thamby11John Champe High School16:49.3072
77Noah Kim11Reservoir High School16:49.5073
78Kolby Demory11Woodbridge16:50.0074
79Abbey Yared11Annandale16:50.0075
80Sem Asmelash10J.E.B. Stuart16:50.0076
81James Monson11Chantilly16:51.0077
82Alex Guardado11Warren High (SS)16:51.7078
83Adan Castellanos12Warren High (SS)16:53.6079
84Amanuel Haileselassie12Wakefield High School16:56.0080
85Benjamin Cheng12West Springfield16:57.0081
86Tommy Anton12James W. Robinson16:57.0082
87James McHugo11McLean16:57.0083
88Harry Challis12Dominion16:57.7084
89Jacob Clark11Hickory High School16:58.0085
90William Moulec12Walter Johnson High School17:00.0086
91Mario Rodriguez12Warren High (SS)17:00.7087
92Sean Stuck10West Springfield17:01.0088
93Cullen Capuano10Gonzaga College High School17:01.0089
94Joshua Puhek10Chantilly17:01.0090
95Noah Peterson11Loudoun Valley17:01.1091
96Nick Buckner12Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School17:02.0092
97Joseph Yerovi10Herndon17:03.0093
98Dylan Major10Falls Church17:03.0094
99Ryan Hamacher11Patriot High School17:03.8095
X100Tyler Gyuricsko10Hickory High School17:0496