Jump Stats Galore: Which Event Leads To Long Jump Success?

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When looking at what leads to success in the long jump the solution is simple... speed kills. Our data and analysis clearly shows the best relation to long jump success is the 100m dash and relatively how good you are at sprinting. 

To arrive at this we tallied up everyone's (Top 25 Ranked LJ Individuals) first, second, and third relative rankings in the 100m dash, triple jump, and high hurdles. We then multiplied the firsts by three, seconds by two, and thirds by one. 

The weighted points breakdown was as such: 

100m Dash5744101
Triple Jump 314172
High Hurdles (100/110)52429

What this information clearly showed us was that the 100m dash was more likely to correlate to long jump success than the other two events combined. Though it does not mean it is the only avenue for success, it does mean it is the best predictor of success. 

Interestingly enough, though the girls had more variation throughout, the girls actually were more top heavy towards the 100m dash than the guys. A contradicting but also interesting takeaway was the fact that all six girls who competed in all three events all had the 100m dash as their worst event. 

In summation, it is very safe to say that really the best way to know if someone is a great long jumper is to see their speed. Speed is a critical aspect of the long jump and physical as a whole and that is why you also see Olympians doubling in these two events. 

Speed may be critical but it is also only a part of the picture. Technique, form, execution, and many other factors also go into an elite long jump. That is why it is important to have an open mind when analyzing talent and realize that sometimes a 5K runner can jump over 23' too. 

Boys Results: 

Long Jumper By Rank100m Dash (Rank)Triple Jump (Rank)110H (Rank)Which Event Was Most Predictive? 
Donovan Louis (24-8)10.51 (3)----100m Dash
Hasani Knight (24-3)10.56 (5)51-3.25 (1)--Triple Jump
Jahkwan Blackley (24-1)10.62 (7)47-2 (4)14.81 (36)Triple Jump
Alfred Shirley (24-1)10.85 (29)--14.22 (7)110m Hurdles
Greg Lucas-Roscoe (23-11.75)11.23 (190)46-11.5 (6)--Triple Jump
Keith Barbour (23-10.25)10.83 (25)44-7 (39)--100m Dash
Nadear Raymond (23-10)11.18 (162)----100m Dash
Jordan Walker (23-7.75)10.90 (39)----100m Dash
Tim Johnson (23-6.75)11.10 (106)----100m Dash
Jordan Willis (23-5.25)--------
Milton Coleman (23-5.25--------
Darrell Walton (23-4.75)11.47 (395)----100m Dash
Tyler Hunt (23-4)11.16 (151)40-2 (321)--100m Dash
Brailyn Franklin (23-1)--44-8 (37)--Triple Jump
Hezekiah Grimsley (23-1)11.06 (95)----100m Dash
Bryce Webb (23-0.5)11.47 (395)40-0.5 (333)--Triple Jump
Edriel Martinborough (22-11.5)11.15 (144)44-7.5 (38)--Triple Jump
Darius Hagans (22-11.5)11.11 (112)42-2 (144)--100m Dash
Jarrett Barfield (22-9.5)11.04 (84)----100m Dash
Coleman Terrell (22-9.25)--39-3 (412)--Triple Jump
Allen Blair (22-8)10.74 (13)----100m Dash
Jevon La Pierre (22-8)10.98 (60)43-6 (75)--100m Dash
Cason Gardner (22-8)----15.89 (155)110m Hurdles
Abraham Evans (22-7)11.17 (156)----100m Dash
Frank Royal (22-7)10.99 (66)41-4.25 (203)--100m Dash
Damion Everette (22-7)10.76 (16)----100m Dash

Girls Results: 

Long Jumper By Rank100m Dash (Rank)Triple Jump (Rank)100H (Rank)Which Event Was Most PRedictive?
Titiana Marsh (20-2.75)12.65 (114)43-5 (1)15.00 (40)Triple Jump
Nyla Ward (19-11.75)12.21 (29)----100m Dash
Syaira Richardson (19-8)11.92 (4)----100m Dash
Amira Aduma (19-2.25)11.98 (7)----100m Dash
Jada Terrell (19-2.25)12.38 (50)41-5.5 (3)13.75 (3)Triple Jump/100mH
Natalie Barnes (19-1.25)13.21 (403)37-11.5 (19)15.31 (52)Triple Jump
Kayla Hugg (19-0.5)12.38 (50)----100m Dash
Brooke Stith (18-11.5)12.59 (96)41-7.25 (2)14.17 (7)Triple Jump
Skyla Davidson (18-11.25)12.42 (57)39-8 (6)14.32 (13)Triple Jump
Rebekah Greene (18-10.75)12.23 (32)38-10.25 (15)--Triple Jump
Nickayla Hoyte (18-10)12.02 (11)34-10 (121)--100m Dash
Amari Jackson (18-9.25)--39-1.75 (12)15.45 (63)Triple Jump
Hanna Wynter (18-8.5)12.44 (63)32-8.75 (272)--100m Dash
Micayah Upshaw (18-7.5)--39-2.25 (9)--Triple Jump
Joselyn Jones (18-7)12.56 (92)38-4.5 (16)--Triple Jump
Destiny Copeland (18-6.5)12.59 (96)----100m Dash
Tina Adlam (18-6.5)--------
Taylor Prosise (18-6)12.50 (75)35-8.5 (76)--100m Dash
Kenya Chambers (18-4)----14.86 (32)100m Hurdles
Kathleen Shepherd (18-4)--37-3 (28)14.99 (39)Triple Jump
Jahnelle Saunders (18-3.5)12.96 (252)35-0 (110)14.60 (21)100m Hurdles
Jalen Smith (18-2.5)12.06 (16)----100m Dash
Janae Blakeney (18-2.25)12.55 (87)----100m Dash
Matasha Martin (18-2.25)12.70 (133)--14.89 (34)100m Hurdles
Maya Hanks (18-2)11.99 (8)40-10.5 (4)--Triple Jump