Meet Information

**WE ARE NOW AT OUR MAXIMUM OF 35 SCHOOLS AND WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY ADDITIONAL SCHOOLS DUE TO PARK RESTRICTIONS*******Reminder: Only those with parking passes may park at Burke Lake. All others are required to take the shuttle bus from the church. The address is below*****ParkingWe will send out 5 parking passes in the mail/pony for registered teams. You should have them in time for the meet. That pass will allow you to park in the parking lot outside the ice-cream parlor. Anyone who does not have a pass will not be allowed to enter the area, with multiple police on site those parked illegally will be ticketed and towed within the park facility. We have been approved to use the parking lot at the:Fairfax Baptist Temple Academy6401 Missionary Lane, Fairfax Station, Virginia. 22039FCPS schools buses will be providing a shuttle service for those people who park there. TeamsTeams are not to warm up in the courseTeam areas (including tents) are to be located between the road and the golf course fence. NOTE: DUE TO THE NEW DRIVING RANGE, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PUT ANY TENTS OR HAVE YOUR TEAM AREA IN FRONT OF THE BLACK CHAIN LINK FENCE ALONG THE ROAD, YOU MUST SET UP FURTHER UP THE HILL.Teams are responsible for cleaning up their area, please bring trash bags.Breakout for JV Races:JV Division I - Applies to both girls (10:15) and boys(11:15)Bishop O'ConnellFalls ChurchFlint HillThomas JeffersonThomas EdisonSouth LakesGeorge C MarshallJEB StuartJohn Paul the GreatPaul VIFairfaxHayfieldLangleyMcLeanMount VernonWakefieldWashington-LeeYorktownTuscoraraJV Division II - Applies to both girls (10:45) and boys(11:45)AnnandaleWT WoodsonCentrevilleWoodbridgeChantillyWestfieldForest ParkWest SpringfieldJames MadisonWest PotomacJames robinsonTC WillaimsLake BraddockPotomac FallsStonewall JacksonRobert E LeeMONROE PARKER INVITATIONALNote: For teams outside Concorde, Liberty, Patriot, Gunston and National districts, please contact Mike Kiernan at the email below in order to obtain the password. The meet will be capped at 35 teams total.2017 Entry FormThe Monroe Parker Invitational will take place on Saturday, September 9th, 2016 beginning at 8:00 am. The deadline for entering this invitational is Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 via milestat. Director:Mike Kiernan (, and Mike Mangan ( entry form (and Check) needs to be sent to Robinson Secondary School, attn: Mike Kiernan 5035 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, VA 22032. Checks are payable to Robinson Secondary School. Entries must also be entered into Milestat, if you have any issues with Milestat please contact Mike Kiernan ( ). Entry Fee:$325 for one or all races. Please make the check out to Robinson Secondary School.Instructions:Please check off the races below you will be competing in and the number of runners for each division. You MUST enter a varsity team (minimum of 5 runners) and compete in the varsity division in order to enter a JV team. You do not need to enter a varsity team to compete in the freshman divisions. Schools will be randomly placed in one of two JV races for both the boys and girls races.School Name:______________________________Coaches Name:______________________________ Cell Phone # ___________________Coaches Email:__________________________________Check HereRace TimeDivisionEnter # of Runners8:00 freshman boys - Max is 158:30 freshman girls - Max is 159:15 Varsity Boys Race - Max is 109:45 Varsity Girls Race - Max is 1010:15 JV Girls Race 1 - Max is 1510:45 JV Girls Race 2 - Max is 1511:15 JV Boys Race 1 - Max is 1511:45 JV Boys Race 2 - Max is 15