Region III's Top Returnees for 2013 Outdoor Season

A list of the top returning individuals in each event among Region III schools from last year's outdoor season and links to full returnees rankings lists in each event. Liberty's Craig Danner is quite an athlete with versatility that he will make it a tougher time for him deciding on which event to focus on this spring. Danner was more of a 500 meter dash specialist this past winter, but moved up to the 1000 for the AA State Indoor Meet, which proved to be a wise move as Danner won his first state title in 2:34.34 performance. Danner could find himself in the 800 meter run, 300 meter hurdles, and 400 meter dash as well as high jump (6'4" clearance for third place in the state indoor meet) in meets this upcoming outdoor season.


Top Region III Boys Returnees from 2013 Outdoor Season


Event Mark Athlete Team
1,600 Meter Run (192) 4:22.44 David Cedillo VA Brookville High School
100 Meter Dash (299) 11.07 marquis Brown VA Amherst County
110 Meter Hurdles (128) 14.94 Azariah Cox VA Heritage (Lynchburg)
200 Meter Dash (253) 22.23 Sydney Sandidge VA Amherst County
3,200 Meter Run (110) 9:22.46 David Cedillo VA Brookville High School
300 Meter Hurdles (143) 42.36 Craig Danner VA Liberty (Bedford)
400 Meter Dash (209) 50.97 Sydney Sandidge VA Amherst County
800 Meter Run (198) 1:57.86 Craig Danner VA Liberty (Bedford)
Discus (297) 181-7 Matthew Zajac VA E.C. Glass
Hammer Throw (1) 175-7.5 Matthew Zajac VA E.C. Glass
High Jump (158) 6-5 Cameron Holdren VA Staunton River High School
Long Jump (278) 21-9 marquis Brown VA Amherst County
One Mile Run (2) 5:01.53 Max Hamilton VA Spotswood
Pole Vault (118) 13-6 Sam Crawford VA E.C. Glass
Shot Put (304) 50-11 Jeremy Williams VA Northside High School
Triple Jump (205) 44-7.75 Cameron Holdren VA Staunton River High School



Top Region III Girls Returnees from 2013 Outdoor Season


Event Mark Athlete Team
1,600 Meter Run (251) 5:14.37 Alyssa Shupe VA Jefferson Forest
100 Meter Dash (387) 11.88w Zakiya Bateman VA E.C. Glass
100 Meter Hurdles (208) 15.20pw Nialah Wilson VA Lord Botetourt
200 Meter Dash (338) 24.79 Zakiya Bateman VA E.C. Glass
3,200 Meter Run (120) 11:41.96 Kennedy Flynn VA Liberty (Bedford)
300 Meter Hurdles (193) 46.02 Jasmine Cooper VA Amherst County
400 Meter Dash (263) 57.62 Latrice Morris VA Heritage (Lynchburg)
800 Meter Run (289) 2:20.47 Samantha Francis VA Rustburg
Discus (295) 121-10 Nicole Smith VA Liberty (Bedford)
High Jump (175) 5-4 Olivia Revely VA E.C. Glass
Long Jump (246) 17-9.75 Morgan Boswell VA Broadway
One Mile Run (2) 5:18.05 Alyssa Shupe VA Jefferson Forest
Pole Vault (116) 10-3 Lily Garrecht VA Staunton River High School
Shot Put (295) 36-0 Alex Goldman VA Amherst County
Triple Jump (215) 37-11.5 Mikalah Jones VA Liberty (Bedford)