Novak & Saunders Maymont Champions! Coverage Central from DCXC & Maymont

With the biggest invitational of the year thus far just down the street, MileStat is out in full force this weekend on the grounds of Richmond's Maymont Estate. We will also have great coverage of the first ever DCXC Invitational in Washington, DC. 

Photo by: Scott Reid

Maymont X-Country Festival - DCXC Invitational - 17th Annual SJHS Cross Country Invitational - Alleghany Invitational - Broadwater Academy Invitational - CNU Settler's Invite - Halifax County Cross Country Invitational 


Maymont Update

With an amazing kick Deep Run's Matthew Novak out lasts Gannon Willcutts of Western Albemarle to win the Maymont Invitational race in an impressive time. His teammate Margot Brown almost pulled off the double but Jefferson Forest's Erin Saunders would not be denied. Both of these invitational races were dead-heat-ties with 1,000meters to go and of course a giant hill too. So far we have taken numerous videos and nearly 5,000 photos of the meet and it isn't over yet!

Maymont X-Country Festival






DCXC Invitational 


17th Annual SJHS Cross Country Invitational 


Alleghany Invitational 


Broadwater Academy Invitational 


CNU Settler's Invite


Halifax County Cross Country Invitational