Virginia Tech Invitational Mile Field Released!

Photo by: Lisa McArthur

Boys Invitational Mile Field

Event 36  Men 1 Mile Run
     Name                        Year School                          Finals
  1  Cox-Philyaw, Tyler            11 Millbrook                   
  2  Girma, Anteneh                12 T.C. William                
  3  Hahn, Colin                   12 Midlothian H                
  4  Kern, Gaige                   12 Alleghany                   
  5  Leon, Jordan                  12 Milford Mill                
  6  Novak*, Matthew               12 Deep Run                    
  7  Pehr, Henry                   11 Green Hope                  
  8  Seufer, Peter                 12 E.C. Glass                  
  9  Swiney, Brad                  12 John S. Batt                
 10  Ward, Timothy                 12 West Springf                
 11  Willcutts, Gannon             11 Western Albe                
 12  Zarkowski, Ryan               12 Kellam    

If we are going by what is on paper, which I advice never to 100% do, then this race is one person's to take and that is Matthew Novak. Novak comes into this race with a 4:09 personal best and a season best of 4:18 for the full Mile. He has started the season slow but there is no doubt he will be bringing his 'A' game to Virginia Tech to show the entire country that he is the guy to beat at the Mile this year.

Also in this field we have basically a who's who in the 4A classification. We have Tyler Cox-Philyaw, Colin Hahn, and Peter Seufer who were 1-2-3 at XC States only two months ago and yes it was all three of those guys leading the race at the 1 Mile mark too!

We will also get to see some stud athletes from the northern parts of our state with Anteneh Girma and Timothy Ward coming down for some fast races. We have not seen a ton of races from them this season so far so that means we can expect big pr's and some fresh legs. This race will also have Gannon Willcutts who was a Foot Locker Finalist this year and runner-up in the 3A classification XC race and Brad Swiney who is a two-time state XC champion and also one of the hometown favorites.

With all these guys and the rest of the field we are going to be in for a show. With Novak in it though we can expect to see a quick pace as he has seemed recently to start to push the pace early and make the file adjust. If this strategy holds true, do not be too surprised if we have a 2:03 split halfway if the start is clean and Novak has the freedom to move. Regardless though, it will take 4:13 or better to win this race.