#4 What A Year! Top 25 Moments This Year (XC-Outdoor)

This year has been one for the record books! With so many great races, events, and of course performances, we had to take our time compiling this list. Check out all the moments here and let us know what you think about it both in our poll (to be listed when #1 is released) and via #MileStatTop25

#4: Kate Murphy Ran What!?

To really appreciate it, you have to look at the time (4:16.98 for 1500m) and think about how ridiculously fast it is. That time, which is #10 all-time, would convert to around a 4:34 for a 1600 or in other words break Sarah Bowman's state record of 4:35! She is only a sophomore too (well now a rising junior).

This year has been one heck of a break through for Kate. She went from winning the most improved award in XC to being a state champion in indoors to ranking inside the top 10 all-time in both the 1600 and 3200 in outdoors to now being the Pan American Junior champion in the 1500. She has only begun to scratch the surface of her ability and could be in for another huge break through this season as her teammates are young and talented as well and she will be their leader in hopes of a NXN bid.

Her races though both played perfectly to her style. She is a young racer, no denying that, but also a scary competitor none-the-less. You can see it in her eyes that she hates losing more then she loves winning at times. In both the Nationals race (where she ran the 4:16) and the Pan American finals she got out decently with the pack. She likes to sit a little but and then open up her stride the final 200m. That tactic has worked very well for her and helped her not only win the USATF Junior 1500m National Title but also the Penn Relays 3000m title and the Pan American 1500m title.

Coming from way behind, as only a sophomore in high school, and running a 4:16 1500m for the win is one of the best moments in Virginia track history. This moment is one of the best ever and our #4 moment of the year.