Weini Kelati Ends on A High Note & Makes It Five!

GREENSBORO, Nc. - In her final race as a prep athlete Weini Kelati showed us one last time that she is really the best. It was a tough race from start to finish for Kelati with company by her side for the first time since her Foot Locker National title in December. 

The race began blistering fast with Kelati and company going through the 800 in 2:28, Mile in 4:57, and 2500 mark in 7:31. She then blew through the 3K in 9:22 which would be US #2 not including her US #1 mark! 

This race was different though as not only did competition hang by her side early on, they stuck with her as Nevada Mareno would not let her get away. They went stride for stride and the lead switched a dozen times in the final 100m but at the line VA's own Weini Kelati out leaned Nevada to take home the national title. 

This title made it five titles in a row for Kelati and ended her high school career on a pretty high note.

The final time was 10:00.38 with a 71 second final lap. 

Weini also was the 5K Champion just the night before in gusty conditions with a 16:24 clocking.