FBF: Race of The Week Breakdown: Waleed Suliman's 4:14 Mile

Waleed is the king of the kick and this week we break down that kick. Originally posted 4/4/17

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This past weekend at the Colonial Relays, Ole Miss commit Waleed Suliman had yet another legendary race. Per usual, he waited until the final 300m to throw it into gear and sprint home. 

Lap 1

Waleed got out strong for the first few steps but was definitely not about to push the pace early. He opened in 67 coming thru the first 400 and 2 meters in third. 

Lap 2 

The pace stayed roughly the same with some other guys jostling around Waleed. They definitely knew of the kick to come and wanted to make sure they were in the right place. This had Waleed coming thru the half mile in 2:14 with a second 400 split of 68. Still in third/fourth. 

Lap 3

The hammer started to come down with Waleed still in fourth/third. The pack knew they were close to that Waleed kick and obviously did not want to play into Waleed's hands. This lap was a very solid 63 but was not fast enough to drop Waleed.

Lap 4

Waleed's lap! The pace continued to be strong but right at the 300m to go mark, like clock work, Waleed thru it into gear and blew past the competition. He powered home a 42 the final 300 to finish in 4:14! This included two 100s back to back under 13 seconds. 

Complete Results 

Boys 1 Mile Run High School
      Relays: C 4:14.54  4/3/2015    Tyler Cox-Philyaw, Millbrook              
     Stadium: S 4:14.54  4/3/2015    Tyler Cox-Philyaw, Millbrook              
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Suliman*, Waleed          12 Douglas Free           4:14.52C 
  2 Steck, Konrad                Lafayette High S       4:18.72  
  3 Payamps, Matthew          10 Saint Anthon           4:19.46  
  4 Cullen, Joe               11 Wyomissing A           4:19.88  
  5 Gault, Clint              11 Poquoson               4:25.67  
  6 Ikenberry*, Jack          11 Lee-Davis              4:27.91  
  7 McCracken*, Ryan          11 Douglas Free           4:28.48  
  8 Plass, Jonathan              Germantown             4:32.27  
  9 Decker, Petey             12 Norfolk Acad           4:32.52  
 10 Johnson*, Lane            11 Lee-Davis              4:41.15  
 11 Smith, Brian               9 Saint Anthon           4:47.07  
 12 Dehetre, Jack                Atlee                  4:48.67  
 13 Wigutow, Ezekiel          12 Saint Anthon           4:50.57  
 14 Gomez-Younkin, Miles         Germantown             4:54.67