18 things To Look For During The VA Outdoor Track Season #2

The penultimate thing to watch this outdoor season will be Kori Carter in the 300 and 400 meter hurdles. Aside from the 400 meter dash, this record could be one the only other record to fall this season. Kori is well on pace to take down that record this season.

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For the past three years Kori has been following Brandee' Johnson's foot steps and continuing the trend of Team War having one of the most dominant runners in their ranks. This year though it looks like Kori may be ready to take a step beyond Brandee' and go for the gold at NBON. 

Of course Brandee' had to deal with Sydney McLaughlin in high school so that makes it a little different but purely based on time, Kori could take down the state records in both hurdles as a junior. That is why we are very excited for what she will do individually in the hurdles this outdoor season.