Team VA Dominated In NYC's Marine Corp Classic

The highlights of the weekend for Virginia included nine champions up at the Marine Holiday Classic in NYC. Britton Wilson probably took home the highest honor with her US #1 win in the 300 (38.66) ahead of Shadajah Ballard who went 39.09 for second. 

Western Branch also took home the win in both shuttle hurdle relays and boys 4x2 which was just 0.70 seconds faster than Highland Springs in second. 

Highland Springs ran well across the board but their best performance and VA's best performance on the field was Keyonte Midgett's 47-8.5 winning jump in the triple. He joined Trevor Thomas and Khaila Lyons as a champion in a field event. Both Thomas and Lyons won the high jump. 

The final two champions for VA was Bryan Ahouman in the 55 and Micah Harris in the 800. 

Marine Corps Holiday Classic

The Armory Track & Field Center  New York, NY 
Dec 28, 2018  Dec 29, 2018
5,684 Total Performances (168 VA)

Elite Performances

Girls (18)
200mF 2 3rd24.82 Alicia Thorpe Highland Springs 
200mF 1 9th26.19 Kamryn Ross Highland Springs 
200mp 5 2nd24.44 Alicia Thorpe Highland Springs 
200mp 5 8th25.40 Kamryn Ross Highland Springs 
300mF 4 1st38.66 Britton Wilson Mills Godwin 
300mF 4 2nd39.09 Shadajah Ballard Western Branch High School 
300mF 2 7th40.66 Bahiyyah Barnes Mills Godwin 
1500mF 1 15th5:03.30 Hailey Yentz Patriot High School 
4x55SHRF 1 1st32.91 Western Branch High School 
4x200mF 1 2nd1:43.16 Western Branch High School 
4x200mp 6 1st1:42.63 Western Branch High School 
4x200mp 11 13th1:47.32 Highland Springs 
4x200mp 12 14th1:47.33 Colonial Forge 
4x200mp 13 19th1:49.16 Patriot High School 
4x400mF 1 3rd3:56.57 Western Branch High School 
SMRF 4 6th4:22.80 Western Branch High School 
HJF 1 1st5-6 Khaila Lyons Potomac Senior High School 
TJF 1 4th37-1 Imani Gaston Western Branch High School 
Boys (23)
55mF 1 1st6.49 Bryan Ahouman Potomac Senior High School 
55mp 6 2nd6.55 Bryan Ahouman Potomac Senior High School 
200mF 2 6th22.38 Ed Deskins Colonial Forge 
200mp 15 2nd22.08 Ed Deskins Colonial Forge 
200mp 6 9th22.58 Dashon Reeves Potomac Senior High School 
300mF 4 6th35.33 Dashon Reeves Potomac Senior High School 
300mF 2 8th35.94 Ed Deskins Colonial Forge 
300mF 2 10th36.36 Noah Hackerson Patriot High School 
800mF 1 1st1:57.67 Micah Harris Colonial Forge 
55HF 1 3rd7.48 Matthew Mitchell Potomac Senior High School 
55Hp 9 4th7.67 Matthew Mitchell Potomac Senior High School 
4x55SHRF 1 1st29.81 Western Branch High School 
4x55SHRF 1 2nd30.39 Highland Springs 
4x200mF 1 1st1:29.12 Western Branch High School 
4x200mF 1 2nd1:29.82 Highland Springs 
4x200mp 3 1st1:29.74 Highland Springs 
4x200mp 7 2nd1:30.07 Western Branch High School 
4x200mp 4 11th1:32.64 Patriot High School 
4x400mF 2 3rd3:24.92 Western Branch High School 
SMRF 2 6th3:42.32 Colonial Forge 
HJF 1 1st6-8 Trevor Thomas Colonial Forge 
TJF 1 3rd45-4.25 Keyandre Midgett Highland Springs 
TJF 1 1st47-8.5 Keyonte Midgett Highland Springs