Meet Virginia's G.O.A.T.'s: Faith Ross

This next VA G.O.A.T. in our series may be the only one not to hold a single state individual record. She does however appear on the all-time lists more than Noah Lyles, Andrew Hunter, and Francena McCorory.  Her name is Faith Ross and she right now has to be one of the most versatile athletes to ever compete in VA. 

Faith not only appears six times (indoors and outdoors) on the all-time list as an individual but also was a part of a staggering nine all-time list relays indoors. This includes helping the Branch set six state records in the relays too.

Two accomplishments really stand out. First was her 3rd leg at NBIN. In that 4x8 as a junior she almost single handedly won her team the national title. She took her team from 10th to 1st in 300m (26 opening split) to handoff with a big enough lead to set the state record and win the national title. 

The second was her overall performance as a senior indoors. During that season she qualified for the state meet (6A) in the 55, 55H, 300, 500, 1K, 1600, LJ, HJ, and missed the 3200 qualifying by a fraction of a second. That was also on top of being on the 4x2, 4x4, and 4x8 relays. 

Faith is one of those athletes you wouldn't know about unless you really looked deep into past results. She is however one of the greatest of all time and if you got to see her compete you'd never forget her.