VISAA State Meet Championships Preview

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The 2019 VISAA State Championships should be the perfect mix of close individual competition and tight team battles. Here we preview the best events to watch this Saturday LIVE ON MILESPLIT. We also preview below the team battles set to be contested this weekend. 


There will be four team trophies up for grabs Saturday and right now it looks like two of them are very close. The two pre-meet runaways are Saint Catherine's D1 Girls and Walsingham's D2 Girls. Aside from them it should be close with St. Chris & Collegiate in D1 and Eastern Mennonite & Virginia Episcopal in D2. 

Like most team battles, these titles will be decided by the top-end depth who can score those big points. Most importantly though will be the field events which could completely swing the meet one way or the other. 

Here are our top events to watch this weekend:

1. Girls D1 800m Run 

Why: Hannah Ballowe will be going for a record amount of titles and this will be her final individual high school event. Alli Boehm could provide the competition to take this event from good to great. 

2. Girls D2 100m Dash

Why: 8th grader Micayah Holland is in this one and it could be super fast. She could actually set the state meet record as an 8th grader!

3. Boys D1 100m Dash

Why: When you have two guys seeded at 10.50 and 10.67 you better tune in and watch it. This one is another race with serious record potential. 

4. D1 Boys 800m Run

Why: Liam Bellamy and Ian Smith are going to make these two laps fast and painful. Major team points are at stake as well which will certainly add to the excitement of this low 150's race. 

5. D2 Girls 4x400m Relay

Why: Here is another race that has huge team implications. There is no better race to end a meet and when and if the team title comes down to this event be ready for the atmosphere to be electric. 

6. D2 Girls 3200m Run

Why: Last year we had the kick of the season between Hope Frost and Ella Dalton. We are expecting the same this year in what should be another thriller to the finish. 

7. D2 Boys 3200m Run

Why: Dan O'Brien is not only favored here but he is slated to set a state meet record that could never be broken. He is also entered in the 1600 and 800 so this race will be fast but how fast? Will he run all three? 

8. D1 Boys 300m Hurdles

Why: The final event you cannot miss is likely going to be the closest one. Entering the meet this event is separated by just .01 seconds between Elby Omohundro and Cameron Lloyd at 40.01 and 40.02. Let's not forget Mihir Damle who is seeded at 40.06 as well!