10 Locks, 10 Toss-ups, & 10 Dark Horses For States

10 Toss-up Picks

Seeing favorites set records unopposed is good and all but the real thing to see is when there is a great matchup like the race above between Theo Woods and Sam Affolder indoors. That is the type of race or competition that defines a meet, something that lives on for decades. Here are our can't miss competitions that are way too close to call. 

1. Britton Wilson vs Aaliyah Pyatt (5A-200)

Here is going to be a great one, maybe the best 200 we've ever seen. You have VA #2 all-time Pyatt versus the unmovable force in Britton. Britton is the twice defending champion and ready to make it three.This race will take a Virginia state record to win. 

2. Na'Taja Ballard vs Hannah Waller (6A-400)

The super sophomore versus the super junior is going to be a good one. Both enter the meet with fast times but are capable of running way faster. Ballard is the defending champion but Waller is the faster one on paper. This is a newer even for Waller so be ready to see a record fall. 

3. Theo Woods vs Sam Affolder (4A-800)

Rematch of the century? Once again Woods and Affolder are saving those legs and forgoing other events to focus on taking down the other. This one will be an instant classic and maybe even run in the 1:48's if weather cooperates like it should. 

4. Joe Wager vs Jonathan Bowers (6A-Discus)

The team title is going to come down to just a few points and every event will matter a whole lot. The Discus is one of those events that will have huge implications and will be exciting to watch. Wager of Western Branch leads competition with his 172-08 season best but Bowers of Grassfield is a tried and true champion and won regionals last week with a 172-06 throw. That means these two are separated by just 00.09%! That's close. 

5. Deniya Gravely vs Haniyyah Johnson (2A-100)

These two 2A stars enter the weekend ready to battle twice. First up will be the 100m dash were they are seeded the exact same 12.49. In the 200 they are separated by just .06 seconds as well. Get the photo finish ready. 

6. Shane McNeill/James McNeill/Malachi Thomas (1A-High Jump)

One older brother (James), one younger brother (Shane), and Malachi are going to make this event fun. Shane enters the competition in the lead at 6-5 but both James and Malachi are right there at 6-4. This event may even come down to a tie-breaker. The real question though is would James rather have Malachi win or his younger brother win.

7. Taylor Beard/Haley Mack/Jessica Williams (4A-Long Jump)

Both Mack and Williams are seeded the exact same at 18-4.5 and Beard is seeded third at 18-3. You cannot count out Mack or Williams and definitely cannot forget the six foot high jumper herself, Taylor Beard. This one will also take all the attempts to decide it. 

8. Elise Abbe/Kaitlynne Wolfe/Grace Boone (4A-1600)

Three girls are separated by just 1.2 seconds with Abbe and Wolfe being separated by just .35 seconds. This one is going to be interesting with Boone's kick and Wolfe's stamina meaning it will have kickers, pacers, and lots of lead changes throughout. 

9. Mary Caroline Heinen vs Kelsey Harrington (2A - 1600)

We previewed this one earlier in the week. Harrington is running out of her body right now and could be the first one to catch MC. This race will be fast from the gun and both athletes will want that win more than anything down the homestretch. 

10. 3A Girls Triple Jump Between Hamlett, Oakes, Beaver, Blake, and Harris

This event was too close to even narrow it down. You have Solana Hamlett seeded at 36-10, Alaysia Oakes seeded at 36-11.5, Paris Beaver seeded at 37-00, Tya Blake seeded at 37-02.5, and Raven Harris seeded at 37-3. The triple jump is not a every-week-PR type of event so you can expect this one to take all six jumps before we know who wins. 

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