Shirley Wins 400mH Title, Cements OSHS & VA As Hurdle Champs

Throwback piece from 2019

Aaron Shirley won the 400 meter hurdle national title with his 51.65 clocking from the unseeded section. That win not only helped him win a national title but made it so that VA swept 3/4 of the individual hurdle titles this past weekend. 

Winning alongside him was Britton Wilson in the 400mH, Kurt Powdar in the 110mH, and his teammates from Oscar Smith in the 4x110mH shuttle hurdles relay. Virginia also had the 4th place finisher in the 100mH (Shadajah Ballard) and the runner-up in the girls 400mH (Michaela Rose). 

Virginia has been known for years as one of the best track states pound for pound but this year's national performance cemented it as the best hurdle state in the nation. 

What is more impressive though is that two of the four national champions are teammates at Oscar Smith. That means one school combined for three national titles in the hurdle events themselves with a total of four guys. That is history being written right in front of us.