Then There Were Only 8: March Madness Rd 2 Results

Check out the round two results from MileStat March Madness right here. Voting for the Elite 8 will begin Sunday morning! 

Round 2 Results 

As the rounds move on athletes receive less and less points for just appearing on the all-time list. That means the crowd vote is even more important. Round 1 saw a total of 10,626 votes and the Sweet 16 with half as many matchups saw 9,917! The individuals moving on should make it very competitive as all of them are garnering over one thousand votes each. 

Matchups for the Elite 8

1. Keilah Tyson #4 Seed vs Alan Webb #2 Seed
2. Drew Hunter #1 Seed vs Brandee' Johnson #3 Seed
3. Grant Holloway #1 Seed vs Faith Ross #3 Seed
4. Britton Wilson #5 Seed vs Felecia Majors #3 Seed