Elite 8 Matchup #4: Britton Wilson vs Felecia Majors

We are down to the regional finals of the 2020 MileStat March Madness. That means there are just four matchups and eight athletes left in this ultimate battle of champions to be named VA's greatest. Check out this matchup below and click the link to vote.


Britton Wilson #5 Seed vs Felecia Majors #3 Seed

Overview of Matchup: In the final matchup of the elite eight we have the closest battle based on seeds. This one is also close when you compare the athletes' accomplishments and stats. Both were great hurdlers and sprinters as well. Felecia also ranks all-time in the field events and pole vault while Britton was a faster sprinter so those almost even out. This one will come down to the fan vote. 

Votes Received So Far: 1941 (Britton) leads 1553 (Felecia) 

The Favorite: Britton Wilson - She may be the lower seed but her votes garnered thus far more than make up for that deficit. 

The Underdog: Felecia Majors - She is one of the most versatile athletes all-time and will need a versatile point accumulation here. She needs big points from all three categories and that specifically means she needs a lot of help from her supports on those votes.