NCAA Track Nationals Coming To Virginia Beach!

Wednesday afternoon the NCAA announced that the Virginia Beach Sports Center, which just opened this month, will be the host of the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships starting in 2023. Here is what the schedule will look like. 

March, 2023: NCAA Division II

March, 2024: NCAA Division III

March, 2025: NCAA Division I

March, 2026: NCAA Division II

The championships will be hosted by Norfolk State University and when we reached out to them for comment all they could say was "this is big". 

NCAA's will not be the only meets at this brand new facility, there will also be quite a few club and high school meets as well. Most notably the VA Showcase and VHSL Class 5/6 State Championships. Here are the other meets and their meet pages. 

Meets at VA Beach Sports Center 2020-21:

December 4th - 5th - VA Opener (Club/Unattached)

January 8th-9 - VA Beach High School Opener 

January 14-16th - VA Showcase 

February 5th - 6th - East Coast Invitational 

12 basketball courts adjacent to the track, six will be covered for the VA Showcase's team area. 

Throws area with spectator seating just for the throws!