XC Course Record Comparisons

Drew Hunter's 2014 State Meet Course Record

Below you can see all the major courses in VA and their respective course records for 5K. These are listed from the fastest to the slowest course record. One non-VA guy made the list and one out-of-state girl made the list as well. The only other thing to note, aside from these scary fast times, is we converted Burke Lake Parks' 2.98 mile record to a 5K. Both times are listed. 

Boys Course Records

CourseREcordRecord Setter/YEar
Third Battle14:20

Drew Hunter 2015

Burke Lake CONVERTED14:35**

Alan Webb 2000

Great Meadow State14:41

Drew Hunter 2015

Great Meadow Hill14:42Bobby Lockhart 2001
Bull Run Park14:45

Sean McGorty 2012

Pole Green Upper14:49

Waleed Suliman 2016

Green Hill Park15:06

Sam Bowers (GA) 2017

Panorama Farms15:08

Carlos Shultz 2019

Pole Green Lower15:11

Dan O'Brien 2019


Drew Hunter 2015

Newport News Park15:13

Matt Keally 2001

Pocahontas State Park15:20

Grant Pollock 2009

William & Mary XC15:31

Waleed Suliman 2016

Fred Hardy National15:53

Joe Hawkes 2019

Burke Lake Park 2.98 M13:57**

Alan Webb 2000

Girls Course Records 

courseRecordRecord Setter/Year
Third Battle16:29

Weini Kelati 2015

Great Meadow Hill16:46

Kelsey Chmiel (NY) 2018

Burke Lake CONVERTED16:53**

Erin Keogh 1985

Green Hill Park16:55

Kelsey Harrington 2019

Great Meadow State17:08

Kate Murphy 2016

Bull Run Park17:11

Weini Kelati 2015


Weini Kelati 2015

Pocahontas State Park17:22

Sophie Chase 2011

Pole Green Upper17:29

Aniya Mosley 2019*

Pole Green Lower17:39

Bethany Graham 2019

Panorama Farms17:56

Ellie Desmond 2019

Newport News Parks18:03

Aurora Scott 1999

William & Mary XC18:20

Caroline Alcorta 2012

Fred Hardy National18:53

Morgan Lewis 2016

Burke Lake Park 2.98M16:09

Erin Keogh 1985

*Record was tied this club season by Juliette Whitaker (MD)