Sean McGorty Could Make Olympic Team In The Steeplechase!

Sean McGorty (Chantilly-2013) who had a huge post-injury resurgence this past year is trying his skills at a new event, the 3,000m steeplechase. In the first time he has run it, or the first time that we could find for him, he blazed a 8:20.77 for the win. That time ranks him 5th in the entire world right now. 

Read about his resurgence summer of 2020

McGorty, like quite a few American distance runners, has a unique range. He can run a quick mile and also lead the world at the 5K distance, that makes the 3K steeple one of the events in the middle of his range. 

His time of 8:20.77 would definitely put him in Olympic team consideration at the trials and in fact would have made the Olympic finals in 2016. The winning time was 8:03 and the bronze time was 8:11. With some solid competition both of those are realistic goals for McGorty.