VA Showcase: No Record Is Safe Next Weekend!

Let's talk about The VA Showcase. Each year national records are broken and big times are run, but what makes next weekend so special is how so many elite athletes come from across the country to do it all at the same meet.

This year will be no different, with thousands of athletes from every indoor track state slated to compete. 


Meet Registration Open Until Sunday @11:00pm

For reference of how good this meet is, check out the meet records for the boys and girls historically at this meet. In most events, it takes a US No. 1 to win and in some it even takes a national record. On the following pages are the athletes and national records to watch next weekend at the VA Showcase. 

Records to watch: Girls 1K, Boys 500, Girls Long Jump, Boys 200, Girls 500, Boys 300, Girls 55, Girls 300,  Girls 200, and Boys 4x2. 

Other big races to watch: Boys 55, Boys Triple Jump, Boys High Jump, Girls 4x8, Boys DMR