Meet Your State Champion Teams!

Here are the state team champions for the 2022 season. You can check out who won which classification and see their winning points total as well. 

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From these champions you had teams pulling off the upset or proving why they were the best. You also had two schools sweeping the titles with Blacksburg (Class 4) and Abingdon (Class 3) both winning girls and boys. Winning back-to-back titles was Glen Allen, Abingdon (boys), Deep Run, Trinity Christian School, Collegiate and George Wythe making it four in a row. 

Out of the 18 teams crowned this weekend, the average winning score was 58 points. 

VHSL Class 6 Boys - W.T. Woodson (57)

VHSL Class 6 Girls - West Springfield (51)

VHSL Class 5 Boys - Glen Allen (53)

VHSL Class 5 Girls - Deep Run (58)

VHSL Class 4 Boys - Blacksburg (64)

VHSL Class 4 Girls - Blacksburg (101)

VHSL Class 3 Boys - Abingdon (65)

VHSL Class 3 Girls - Abingdon (45)