Way Too Early Rankings: Top 15 Track & Field Girls

Here are the top athletes across all events and where we see them ranking next year.

15. Caroline Elliott (South Lakes)

14. Maddie Gardiner (Covenant) 

13. Sadie Adams (Western Albemarle) 

12. Cameron Thompson (South County)

11. Emily Romano (Glen Allen)

10. Sophie Rambo (Grassfield)

9. Kaitlyn Cook (L.C. Bird)

8. Pryncess Jackson (Highland Springs)

7. Lilly Ver Beek (James River)

6. Reese Dalton (Covenant)

5. Catalina Sanchious (South County)

4. Briana Selby (Indian River)

3. Theresa Breckley (Culpepper)

2. Michailyn Rose (Homeschool)

1. Shakayla Lavender (Oscar Smith)