Super Sophs: Will The Class of 2026 Be VA's Best Class Ever?

Seriously, the sophomores in Virginia right now are just on another level. All you have to do is look at the statewide rankings and you will see that out of 28 individual events across both genders, 14 are currently being led by sophomores! 

This made us really consider the question, will these individuals make the Class of 2026 better than the class of 2016? 

For those who don't remember, the Class of 2016 in Virginia featured Weini Kelati, Noah Lyles, Grant Holloway, and Brandee' Johnson to name a few. All of them ended up with multiple state records! 

Right now, the class of 2026 is making headway taking down state records already and certainly outpacing other classes by laying down state class records too. 

Here are some of the big names in the class of 2026 and their accomplishments so far as only sophomores! 

Victor Olesen (St. Chris): State record holder in the pole vault, #2 all-time in the US for sophomores. 

Sophie Rambo (Grassfield): State class record holder in the 200, completed the Class 6 sprint triple crown. 

Caroline Elliott (South Lakes): State record both indoors and outdoors in the 4x8, six time state champion. 

Cole Boone (Pulaski): State leader in two events, sub 1:50 in the 800, state champion. 

Shakayla Lavender (Oscar Smith): Five time state champion, state class record holder. 

Joshua Kai-Smith (Gar Field): All-American, 2x State Champion.

Davian Booker (Massaponax): State Champion, State Leader, Class Record holder .

Trent Daniels (Gainesville): 3x State Champion, 4:12 PR in the 1600.

Connor Salmin (Woodgrove): 3x State Champion, state leader in two events.

Ricky Adkins (North Stafford): State champion, state leader, 24-6 long jumper. 

Kara Harris (Clover Hill): State Champion, state leader, 40-11 triple jumper. 

Elaina Pierce (Charlottesville): 2x State Champion. 

Jaishaun Offutt (John Handley): 2x State Champion. 

Joshua Taylor (Clover Hill): State Champion in Class 5

Just looking at that list you see multiple state record holders, state champions, and so much more. This year is just the beginning for them and we are beyond excited to see them chase the Class of 2016.