The stars will come out on May 10th!

DINWIDDIE, VA -- As the final entries are coming in for the Southern Track Classic, it is obvious why this meet has become \"the meet\" of Virginia by just glancing over the list of those who have decided to come to Dinwiddie High School on May 10th and show what they are made of up against the best our state has to offer.

However all of the entries cannot be revealed simply because it is only a list of those who are entered, but haven\'t been necessarily verified and accepted yet. Also this is a finals only meet which has a limit of how many entrants are accepted per event. The selection process of who is accepted and who is not is not purely based on the entrants\' personal best performance. Other factors like how they compete in big meets, giving athletes from smaller schools a chance to compete, etc are also used in the selection process. An example is from the first ever Southern Track Classic, where if meet management was going based purely off of PR\'s, the most outstanding performer of the meet, Wilbur Hargrove from the small school of Bluestone High School, would not have made it into the meet. We will post the final list of those accepted immediately after the meet management makes those tough decisions.

The reason why those decisions will be tough is cause the entries are filled with such a great pool of talent that it is hard to decide who is the best of the bunch. However, there are a few \"safe bets\" that can be revealed as competing in Southern Track Classic. Here is just a list of a few of the many big names that have entered so far.

In the boys\' field events, names such as Keith Moffatt, Steve Huntzinger, Ivan Parker, David Sullivan, Melvin Woodhouse, and Reynold Smith should open up your eyes in amazement. Likewise on the girls\' side with Lindsay Neuberger, Tiffany Evans, Amy Seward, Yvette Lewis, Kira Barcus and Alicia LaRoche.

In the boys\' distance events, stars such as Bobby Lockhart, Brian Dalpiaz, Alex Tatu, Steve Carlson, Daniel Kane, Derrick Robbins, Guy Alton, Matt Keally, John Crews, Fleet Hower, and Christo Landry should have you gawking in astonishment. Keep your jaw dropping with the girls\' distance stars coming such as Dacia Barr, Megan Isaacs, Jennifer Boyd, Laura Stanley, Tiffany Cross, Kristyn Shiring, Beth Fahey, and many more.

Sprinters such as Marcus Satchell, Sherrod Lewis, Michael Lewis, Jessica Cassell, Latonya Anderson, Faraign Giles, and Tosin Oluwole will bewilder your eyes with their blazing speed.

And hurdlers such as Dwight Porter, Nick Robbinson, Jelyn Quick, and Lauren Taylor should provide all the excitement you need for one night.

Late entries are still trickling in as the field has not been set yet. However, while who is running what may not be certain for now, one thing that is certain is that on May 10th at Dinwiddie High School, the stars will come out at the Southern Track Classic.